Day 748 a very lazy day and another trip down memory lane in New Zealand 🇳🇿

Jeez I have done almost less than nothing today…. But that’s ok. I needed a day to myself.

I had a great sleep and lounged around in bed until after 9 even though I wasn’t sleeping.

I say I’ve done nothing and then remember I had a shower, went for a quick food shop… check me, yeah it was painful 🤣 and then we went for lunch into the pub next door.

I ordered chicken tempura to start and then the Cajun Chicken Burger 🍔 check the size of them! I only cut Craig’s head out as he was making a funny face and wouldn’t have thanked me for the photo. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I only managed the onion rings, a few chips and the coleslaw and I was stuffed!! We brought the rest home in a box 😆

I’m back into the pub at 18.30 to help prep for the kids Easter party tomorrow so I’m sitting with my feet up looking back through old photos from New Zealand.

My photos are so different back then, there are more photos of me than any views…. That’s back in the days of a digital camera… when it took a million years to upload anything. I think I was less inclined to take photos as it took so much longer to do anything with them. Here are a selection from New Zealand.

This first one was particularly special for me…. There’s a brewery in Pahiatua called Tui Brewery. When I was wee I couldn’t say Julie so called myself Tui….. 😬 mum and dad have always called me Tu (which became the number 2 in the digital age) so it meant a lot to me to go here and send them a photo of me with a beer, back in my drinking days!

Tui Miss
Milford Sound

Apparently it rains in Milford Sound about 300 days a year… yet I got it in the scorching sunshine and it was absolutely stunning.

My friend Carla and I hired bikes and cycled around Milford Sound after we took a boat trip.

Carla was from Germany and we met when I arrived in New Zealand. We travelled the South Island together. We got on so well and had such a lovely time together. I left her in Wellington as I travelled up to the North Island.

I was unlucky that the weather turned on the day of my glacier visit and we were not allowed on the ice. I think it saved me hundreds of pounds to be fair and we only walked up to the front of it.

Franz Josef Glacier

This next batch are from Waiotapu Thermal Park.

Lady Knox Geyser

It was the most fascinating place to visit. It’s so different from anywhere I’ve ever been before or since.

This next photo actually has very bad memories…. I was violently sick the night before we took on a 7 mile trek in Abel Tasman National Park and I was determined to go ahead with it.

The view from up here was just so stunningly beautiful but I can only remember how dreadful I felt. I had to find a Ranger to radio in to get a speed boat to take us back to base as I didn’t have the energy to complete it. It took a few days to feel well again.

We had great weather in Queensland.

Mount Tongariro
Bay of Plenty
Inside a Māori Meeting House

I had the 7 weeks in New Zealand 🇳🇿

The weary traveller!

Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the few photos I can find. I must have more elsewhere. I’m enjoying the reminisce and have itchy feet so see so much more of the world!

For now I’ll be content with Downton Abbey, sitting on the couch. 🤣🤣

Happy Easter Saturday.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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