Day 741 Fit Body Farm Hyrox Half and now I feel like a half shut knife! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Oooooh that was tough. I took part in the FBF Hyrox simulation today and since I did the Half… it was half of everything on this list.

I can honestly say that I was pretty positive about it all. I’ve felt pretty strong and fit over the last few weeks and have been surprised at my stamina improving. I wouldn’t say I thought today would be easy… far from it, but I thought it would at least be enjoyable and give me a buzz to see my improvement.

Not so. At all. I would go as far as to say that was hell on earth today…. 😳😮‍💨

Now my head doesn’t let me be impressed at my taking part and be impressed at my cutting my time. My head focuses on the lovely lady that started with me… Andrena, being held back at every run and station because she chose to wait for me.

The last time Craig and I did this we were 55.42 and today Andrena and I did 50.28. so I cut 5 minutes and 14 seconds off my previous time which was 20th November.

That is actually amazing and my Fitbit shows I worked really hard.

Yet Andrena was amazing. Always ahead of me, spurring me on, encouraging every step of the way. She had a spring in her step that only my overactive, internal, negative voice could match.

There’s something built into me that says that makes me not good enough. I find this hard to write but I need to face it to make sense of it.

I’ve never been competitive because I believed someone would always be better than me, therefore what’s the point in trying.

I struggle to be behind, to catch up, I beat myself up all the way.

However, that all said, If I’d been on my own today I would have stopped a lot more than I did and would never have made that time.

Andrena’s encouragement made me work way harder than I would have done on my own. So my time is a credit to her. She could have done it so much faster, if she’d run on ahead.

It’s hard work being so hard on yourself all the time. I burst into tears when I came home as it hadn’t gone as easily as I’d hoped. I vowed never to do it again.

Beetroot is the new face glow!

Yet even as I write that I realise I’m being unfair to myself. I still completed it in 50.28.

I should be so very proud of myself for even remotely keeping up with Andrena’s pace!! Actually that’s me hit the nail on the head. That’s the way to look at it. 🥰T

Thanks so much for all your encouragement, lovely lady, it got me through.

Here’s a group of some of our 6am class all finished!

Craig didn’t take part this time as he’s still recovering from his bout with COVID-19. He’d made a beautiful Venison Lasagne while I’d been away.

I had a huge portion of that as soon as I came home. It was super tasty and we have loads more.

I had a bath with muscle soak Radox. That was lovely too and now I’m sitting in Gran’s chair in the sunroom, while the sun streams through the windows, struggling to stay awake. A relaxing afternoon!

‘Scuse the language but I love this!

I plan on doing precious little for the rest of the day.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

8 thoughts on “Day 741 Fit Body Farm Hyrox Half and now I feel like a half shut knife! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

      1. Oh no…. I’m sorry to hear that. Plenty of rest. Try not to stress about recovery time. It’s hard I know but just give your body what it needs xx

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      2. It does feel wrong as we’re not used to it at all and it’s not what people like us do. You will recover faster if you take some pressure off and relax. It’s hard xx

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