Day 727 Happy UK Mother’s Day 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Ooooh I’ve had the laziest day today.

So yeah today is Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday in the UK. Mum and Dad were meant to be coming over for lunch in the village pub but my COVID week put paid to that. Holly is running a lovely 3 course spread with a glass of fizz for £17.95 I think and it will be enough food to feed us until next year.

We cancelled our 2pm table as we didn’t know when I’d be COVID free but Craig and I are going to go in for 4.30pm and have an early dinner tonight. She said she still had some space.

I didn’t even send her card as it seemed unfair to send a potential COVID card through the post. I may have overthought that… We’ll catch up next weekend instead… maybe in the snow this time?! 🤦🏻‍♀️♥️🤣 it is actually forecast for Wednesday here… this is why us Scots make the most of any ray of sunshine that could be potentially considered warm!

So back to the rest of the day….

I’ll be honest I didn’t want to wake up and face today as I know I’m back to reality tomorrow and my anxiety took off running with things that could go wrong when I get back out there. It felt safer to pretend I was still asleep…. Yes I’m pretending to myself…. rather than see what time it was.

Of course the clocks went forward for us last night so British summer time begins today and once again the weather has kindly played ball. It is indeed a very summery summers day… in March… but it meant that I was of course, later than I expected it to be.

So I’ve done very little so far today. I’m still not feeling great and making the most of the sun in the garden. I wanted to do so much today… I “thought” I should do so much today… I see the sun and feel I should be out in it…. By the sea, living life, taking photos and seizing the day. But I am tired.

Just this…. So often.

It’s no wonder we’re tired when we can overthink so much. “Worrying about the day we never saw” is what my Gran used to call it.

I’m drawn to a balancing crystal that I bought a while back. Now I know this is where I will lose some of you but hey… I’m saying it anyway. The Meridian Energy Balancing crystal has worked for me in the past. You pop it into your bra so you’re “wearing” it and it honestly takes the anxiety waves away almost immediately. It allows me to listen to my gut rather than the anxiety in my head which screams all the “what if’s”….. whether it’s mumbo jumbo or not it works for me and that’s all that matters. I am calm.

We cut back some ivy earlier….

The royal we…… 🤣 actually I did pull stuff out from the ground up!

I brought out a free standing bathroom shelf out and cleared that.

Mostly I have done absolutely nothing but sit in the sun as that is what I need today. Another day of recharging the batteries.

I love this array of daffies that have come through this week. On Monday they were still tight buds.

The dogs are loving the sun and in and out of the shade.

Calaidh showing off the wood shed
Those eyes…..
Bhruic lounging in the sun

Had a wee nap lying on a blanket on the grass. The pub is busy and there’s lots of people in the beer garden so we’ve moved down to the bottom of the garden and I’m now in the hammock just swinging around in the sun.

Relaxing under this beautiful tree.

With this beautiful view.

We had a huge and amazing meal in the pub tonight. Was so nice to see people again.

I got a lovely card and flowers from the kids. Holly has done that every year for me and every year I forget and it’s a lovely surprise!

We had crab and salmon to start, Smoked Haddock in a creamy cheese sauce for mains and millionaires cheesecake for dessert.

Then had a lovely FaceTime with mum and dad while we’re sitting out in the garden again. It will be light until 7.45 pm tonight…. Definitely feels like summer is coming!!

So… back to reality tomorrow. Everyone is saying to take it easy as the fatigue is the worst. Just have to see how it goes!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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