Day 725 finally more negative than positive! 🦠♥️

COVID wise that is….. and mood wise I am finally more positive than negative. 🥰

Not gonna lie I’ve been getting them all mixed up again today. Messaged a few people today to tell them I tested positive when actually I finally tested negative this morning.

Good to know…. 🤔😳

I came through from the bedroom for a big long hug! It felt soooo good. Free movement around the house is a game changer too. I can cope with not going out and being in isolation in the house but I really struggled with the restricted movement when I was positive and Craig still negative.

I’ve always craved isolation as crazy at that might sound. Some days just to chill and relax and do nothing. Yet the reality was so very different. Of course first of all you’re not feeling great…

Try as I might I couldn’t get my head into a relaxed space. I was agitated, irritable, cranky and very tired. I was irked that there were rules that I had to follow rather than just accepting what was. My reaction was one of stress….. in hindsight I needing grounding and brought back down to earth from the orbit I was existing in. You try to be so ridiculously careful with everything. I guess it’s not ridiculous but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Treating yourself as a risk to other people is a very strange feeling.

I’ll always caveat it all by saying that I continually thought about those who had it worse than me. The fear of a real COVID-19 illness and the solitude must have been terrifying. I think back to all those news reports we watched so avidly in the beginning…. Those poor people. All the doctors and nurses and key workers equally terrified but trying so hard not to catch it while keeping others alive.

Mine was nothing. A bad head cold which moved on way more quickly than a head cold usually would. An intermittent hacking cough which wasn’t even sore.

I was always worried about the vaccination and yet I’m so glad I’ve had them all. I’m so glad my friends and loved ones have.


Another great sleep last night. To be fair I think I was in bed from the back of 4 yesterday afternoon. Clean sheets an’ all that! Plus it was much cooler outside so I couldn’t sit outside.

I started watching Pieces of Me on Netflix which seems really good. Actually my thoughts now turn to our newly formed unity… when do I watch the rest of my show?! I know… I made myself smile with that one! 😆

I feel a new lease of life today. I’m still a bit lightheaded but I’ve cleaned the kitchen, both bathrooms and the living room already.

I’ve loaded the dishwasher and done a couple of washings. It feels so good just to catch up on it all. The negative head has gone replaced with Mrs positivity…. A can do attitude.

Craig’s off work today and has pressure washed our artificial grass. The garden looks amazing.

Man at work!

Having 3 Border Collies meant our natural grass was always in quagmire status but the artificial grass does need washing down.

It looks soooo clean without bits of wood, tree or dog toys all over it!

Bhru’s gonna shake this dog toy all over the place…..

Calaidh’s always ready with the ball ⚽️

And Freya found a bone in the great garden clean up!

We’re all outside in the fresh air. it’s beautiful here today.

The weather has been amazing all week and I’ve been so lucky to be outside in it.

Oh and Craig has a cold………. 🤧🤒😷

Let’s watch this space.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

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