Day 703 sitting in the garden with a beautiful sunset 🌅

After a fairly dreich and miserable day we’re getting a lovely sunset tonight.

These are the various views from our garden!

Of course it keeps changing!

I was so close to turning left instead of right, after work and heading to the coast but it looked cloudy and I didn’t think it would be very spectacular. I think I may have been wrong!

It’s calm and still again tonight, the wind has died right back down.

I was later home. I worked until 5. Gone are the days when 5pm would have been an early finish for me. 🥳🎉

This is the view behind me. The whole sky is lit up.

I’m kicking balls for the pups.

They’re having a wee rest in between!

I had another very busy day today… yup I just said that. I’m actually working tomorrow as we’re taking a van down to a customer in Lauder.

I am now standing up on our wee table to get a better view. If anyone looks out the pub window they’ll think I’m off my head.


Calaidh just wants the ball!

So back to work… so yeah working tomorrow and then off on Monday instead. Got so much to do that I felt like I was trying to finish up for a fortnight off tonight.

Look at these colours! 🧡💛🧡

It’s all good. I had a few internal revelations over yesterday and today. I realise I get very stressed out by delegating work. This is more because of the way I work. I can’t always explain it and I need to be sitting in front of the thing thinking how best to tackle it to get it done as quickly and as accurately as possible. I get anxious when I can’t explain what I mean or change my mind frequently as I look like I don’t know what I’m doing. The more anxious I behave the more flustered I get. Then I start to really look like I have no idea. Or at least that’s how I see it.

Craig can talk someone through how to work our tv remote…. Remotely. 🤣🤣 Now many of you might laugh here and think, big deal, but I can’t do that. I need the remote in my hand to be able to explain it. I need to see and feel the buttons to be able to work them.

Ok so I’m now heading back in the house as I’m standing on a table in the dark, writing this and the sunset show is over. 🤣🤣🤣

My head is very quick to baulk at certain mental tasks… mental arithmetic just sends it in chaos.

So half of the battle is identifying it… the next step is how to negotiate my way around it.

How ironic is it that so many of my little quotes are in sunset colours today. That is a 100% coincidence…. Funny that eh?!

Stay safe everyone 🧡💛🧡

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