Day 696 snowy start to the day and I could not get a word out today… 🤭

I slept all evening on the couch last night. Couldn’t stop drifting off. We were watching a new tv show Inventing Anna and it was really good. I missed huge chunks of it though….. 😴🥱

Went to bed just before 10 and slept all night until the 6.30 alarm. I’ve not slept this much in ages.

We woke up to the snow we’ve been expecting! Yay!!

It was deeper than the last lot we’d had and I had to drive to work in it!!

It was falling heavily.

Of course I still managed to walk across the road to take photos in it!

I had my work cut out clearing Abbie the Campervan!

Claire spotted me leaving from her bedroom window!!

Despite leaving early I was 10 minutes late as the traffic was really slow. I made fresh tracks on the road a lot of the way down to Irvine.

I was scared but in control. There was one car I passed down a ditch and into the trees. That gave me the fear but only made me drive more carefully.

Finally around the corner from work there was hardly any snow at all. The sky was lovely above Tartan HQ car park though.

I really should have taken a Rambling Sloth snow day today….. I’ve missed so many lovely snow scenes! It turned to rain fairly soon at work and it’s been torrential for most of the day.

I could hardly get a word out properly today. Even that sentence seems not to flow… as does this one. It’s been “wan o’ they days” as they say.

I knew what I wanted to say and yet the words came out jumbled or got stuck altogether. Not great when you’re trying to train someone. It was so infuriating. I had so much to do today that I just needed to get on with it and stumbling over everything wasn’t helping.

I had the patience of a gnat today… that’s only because a saint had more patience than I could take credit for.

So all in all, I’m glad today is done. I have my feet up in front of the fire waiting on a super tasty Mac n’ Cheese that’s in the oven.

I also have a bag of Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons as a wee treat.

Craig set me this pic this afternoon 💜

An early night and another great sleep will do the trick.

Sleep heals all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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