Day 694 Tuesday of all twos days 22/2/22 🥳

Now what are the chances of me being able to stay up until 22.22 today just so I can say I saw it….. slim methinks. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I had the best sleep last night….. was out for the count. All that sea air obviously did me the power of good.

I feel so much better today. Calm and back in control. I say that and my mind say “ahhhhh but for how long….?!?” Jeez I’m cruel to myself.

So there’s not much to say about today really. Work was busy and went really fast. I had loads to catch up on after my day off yesterday.

It’s 4.25pm and I’m sitting in a small cinema. How random. It turns out there’s a cinema in my work’s industrial estate… who knew?!?

We’re here to watch a screening of our Tartan Campervans being used in a tv show pilot.

So while we have technical difficulties… I may as well write about the curling.

I should say the show is about 3 groups of people answering clues and driving around Scotland (in our Tartan campers!) to find numbers that will build up co-ordinates to buried treasure. It was really good!

Do… back to the curling…..

Wow. It was so very good. Not gonna lie, in true Rambling Sloth fashion I was very nervous when we started and convinced I was gonna be a disaster and look daft in front of everyone. I decided I would make an excellent curling team photographer… that was the way to go.

We practised in small groups. It wasn’t easy.

Receiving instruction 🤣

There was so much to remember and in a specific order.

My anxious brain has a meltdown at times like that and throws its arms up in the air and walks off in a huff.

Looking the part!

I tried to stay calm and concentrate without the million reasons why I would be rubbish at it.

Poetry in motion! 🤣🤣
Mr A being poetry in motion too!
The trick is in the photography 🤣🤣
All sedate before the game began 🥌🥌
Our wee team game at the end!

We lost the team game as the guy at the opposite end of the photo from me is an absolute pro… he knows his stuff. How unlucky were we do go against him?!?

Here’s the group shot Fit Body Farm Olympic curling team for maybe 2042….

It was fascinating to watch how quickly we learned and became better with each practise shot. Everyone was in the same boat except for the two guys who were exceptional at it.

By the end we were all wishing for longer on the ice. It was lots of fun. Another step out of my comfort zone but one I’d really like to try again.

Great fun with great people, making more memories and surely that’s all that life’s about these days.

Guess who’s feeling better?!

Stay safe everyone 🥌🥌🥌

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