Day 690 my Mum’s birthday 💜 and we go Curling 🥌 🥌

Ok so it’s 5.45am and I’m sitting in the car park at the Fit Body Farm. it was snowing when I looked out the window. As expected.

I panicked, threw my stuff together, bet I’ve forgotten something and left.

The photos don’t do it justice.

It seemed a lot at the time but really does look like nothing!

It was really heavy and coming sideways! I hate driving in the snow. I have the fear… the dark is bad enough these day but dark and snow….. 😱😱😱

Dad and I had an accident in the snow when I was at Uni. He picked me up one night when the snow was bad as the buses were off and an artic lorry ran in to the back of us on the Edinburgh City Bypass. Now, we were very lucky as it wasn’t that bad a crash but the car was a right off as we were shunted into the car in front. My dad was invincible and if that could happen to him then what chance do I have when I’m driving… you know the way my mind works by now!!

It was like driving Star Trek style. I had to turn main beam off so I could see in the warp speed snow.

By the time I got to Dunlop the snow gradually turned to sleet and by the time I got to the Farm there was virtually nothing and I was 15 minutes early as a result!

There’s an actual tractor parked at the entrance to the Farm today. It will run their back up generator in case the power goes off.

We worked super hard this morning. We partnered up and after each 4 minute exercise we shared we had to do a 4 minute run together. We ran in the sleety snow. It’s crazy but as hard as it was, I loved it. The girls are so good at keeping me going. This was the sleet when I left….

The poor wee snowdrops feeling awfy sorry for themselves!

The drive to work was through sleet tracks but it was fine and big Abbie didn’t skid once.

Work was great, very busy, I got loads done and it went really fast. Its funny it felt like the last day before a holiday and yet I only work 4 days a week so I always get a 3 day weekend…. It just felt different.

It’s lovely to have Monday off to look forward to, I definitely did the right thing working today.

So yeah, it’s my lovely Mum’s birthday today and her and Dad are already up in Oban. They stayed in Killin last night and drove over in the snow this morning. How beautiful is this?!?

Sounds like she’s had a lovely day with lots of messages from people. We’ll head up in the morning to join her and we’ve a lovely dinner booked for tomorrow night. 🌊 🦞 🦀 🦐 🍤 🐟

But tonight….. we have Curling with the Fit Body Farm. We are heading to Greenacres Curling Club which is actually 3 miles from our house and only takes 6 minutes to get there. Soooo close!

Lots of our neighbours are curlers…. Is that a word? I will find out tonight, maybe the correct phrase is to say lots of our neighbours curl….. as a result. 🥌

I’m really looking forward to it. It turns out my Grandpa used to curl 🥌 who knew?!? So I’m hoping it might be my “thang” as they say. Watch this I’ll fall flat on the ice in the first few minutes!

Gran and Grandpa did always have 2 old curling stones on their front door step. I was always fascinated with them as a kid but never realised the significance until Mum told me that last week. 🥌🥌

But right now I’m having a wee lie down on the couch. Craig has been amazing today and despite feeling rotten, has cleaned the house. The fire and candles are burning and it’s super toasty for a wee nap I reckon.

Bhruic is showing me how it’s done…

Unfortunately then Calaidh and Freya came through from the bedroom for cuddles and didn’t let me sleep but it was a lovely peaceful moment after a busy day.

I’m gonna put this out before we head out tonight as we won’t be home until 11pm so the curling pics can follow tomorrow.

Have weekend and…

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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