Day 688 Storm Dudley sweeps in! 💨🌧

Not gonna lie I was scared for a bit on the drive home tonight. The good news is that it’s light leaving the gym and heading into work and it’s light all the way home now. There were really strong gusts for about 10 minutes, with sideways rain, while I was talking to mum on the way home. Soon after there were blue skies and mild gusts of wind.

This as the forecast this morning.

It’s actually a lot better than it was… at the start of the week it was predicting 68 mph winds.

So I’m home, hatches are battened down, candles are on, fire’s lit and dinner is cooking….. dinner a la Craigie. He’s a good lad feeding me and it was very lovely!

So I had a much better day today. The pub looking mysterious at 5.20am.

The Fit Body Farm was great. I had my weigh in and have lost more weight (despite all the junk I’ve been eating these last few weeks) and so keeping on track.

Had a chance to have a chat about my nutrition too, which was good.

It was really busy this morning and we ended with a challenge on the machines. I love it when we’re in groups as it really helps spur me on. Check the moon when I got to the Farm, super bright.

Zoom in on this next pic and check the scary birds at work this morning… they obviously knew something was up.

I got through loads at work and the wind picked up all day. The portacabin was still on the ground when I left….

So here’s to a quiet night as the storm dies down.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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