Day 683 housework, nap and Valentine’s Day dinner in the pub! ♥️🌹♥️

I could not wake up this morning at all… my energy levels are so low, could be all the non nutritious food I’m eating I guess…

There’s been a whole lotta chocolate

The Farm was great this morning. I found it hard… the air was sooooo super cold that breathing in hurt! It was a great workout though… have a feeling I’ll feel it tomorrow. I’m still choked with the cold. It’s mostly in my head so I’m able to work out but every now and then there’s a hack that hits right down in my chest so gotta watch for that.

The sky was amazing against the end of the class.

I took some photos as we drove home with the heated seats on…. A godsend.

This is the Fit Body Farm driveway. How lucky are we to go here?!

The sky was still stunning when we got home. I love being up early, as hard as it is sometimes, I love that quiet time in the morning before everyone else is up.

The pups having a run around the back garden.

We had to drop Craig’s new car at the a garage for a service. Abbie was super frozen and I had to scrape the inside of her windscreen too…. That’s a first.

Of course I took some photos as I waited for her to defrost.

Here’s a pic of Craigs new car which looks bigger than the house!

I was literally back up the road from the garage and had to get changed and back out for lovely red toenails!

Back home for dog walk which, in hindsight was a mistake…

It was super icy!! I had to be really careful with every step. They were sliding and so was I.

The sun was amazingly huge!

I took them into a field at the top of the road and let them run so they didn’t pull me over!

Bhruic has “Calaidh’s” stick…. The next few pics are funny… Calaidh determined to get it back….

She just can’t keep up!

She tries intimidation…

Total intimidation…

They had a great run…. And I LOVE this next photo….

I love this wee cottage.

Back home for some long awaited house work. Honestly the mess was really stressing me out. We’re mid kitchen refurb and there are no photos as the colour we chose isn’t really working. We have Willow Green for the kitchen cupboards which is more like mint green and it’s not working with the tiles… 3.5 hours painting cupboards so far for poor Craigie….

So I spent a few hours trying to clean and tidy around the kitchen. It feels so much better. My head really can’t deal with the mess that 3 moulting dogs creates.

When Craig came home from work we had lunch and then went for a nap!! For two hours!

Lemsip has been clearing my sinuses but not so much today…. I’m shattered even after a sleep but so lucky we don’t have to cook!!

The Gateside Inn are doing a 3 course meal for the weekend so in support we booked for 6pm tonight. A wee Valentine meal for us!… he incurable romantics that we are… ♥️🌹🤣

Craig had Prawn and Smoked Salmon To start and I had Bruschetta.

He had Tarragon Salmon and I had Tomato and Marscarponi Risotto for mains.

And the piéce de resistance……

The trio of desserts…. Which actually had 3 ice creams and 3 desserts. It’s technically 6 desserts….. we may never move again.

I got Nosecco with the meal which was really lovely as it’s my fav!

We’re back in the house in comfies and I’m wrapped in a wee blankie…. I can’t breathe properly tonight but I ate the feast of a Queen.

Love you all. ♥️♥️♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️🌹♥️

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