Day 676 a lovely relaxing day! 💆🏻‍♀️♥️

Ooooh I’ve have the loveliest day today. A TWO hour massage at Harmony in Beith. Thanks so much to my in-laws for my Christmas pressie.

I had a full body, legs, back, neck and shoulders followed by a facial.

I was pre-sad before it started as I knew it was going to be over soon. How ridiculous is that? i never want a massage to end!

Norma from Harmony is so good and I swear she has healing hands. Her fingers are cold and her palms are burning hot so the sensations are amazing… especially during the facial. (Stop it sniggerers 😂)

I was super chilled when I left and popped into my lovely friend Gayle’s shop next door. the little gift shop in Beith has been there 3 years now and the shop gets better every time I go in. Super proud of everything she has achieved….wait till you see the Valentines window that she had decorated today…..

Isn’t that just stunning. I watched the girl painting from the inside. She kept popping out to check it.

This was done by EmzArt. Have a look at her on FB or Insta. Wow. Her work is incredible.

Just beautiful! ♥️🌸♥️🌸

So home and did a wee bit of work but enjoyed it and then out with the puppers… straight into sideways sleety snow. Another face exfoliation!!

Then the sun came out and dried up all the rain…. (Plagiarism 🤣🤣)

Storm clouds moving away
Brilliant sunshine and clear skies
Those storm clouds were navy blue!
Muddy field!
Another front moving in
Heading for home!
Not far to go now

So I came home and spent some time preparing for tomorrow. It would have been my Gran’s 100th birthday and we are meeting for lunch. My cousin Steven has a radio segment on SAM Radio (The Scottish Autistic Network) and he is going to do a show on Gran to celebrate her birthday.

He wants to record us all talking about our memories…. I’ve kinda cheated and written tomorrows blog and will read that. Blog writing comes very naturally to me. Sitting down to compose a piece on my Gran did not. Write it as the blog… job done!

I then went into Claire’s for a cup of Turkish Apple Tea. Haven’t seen her since pre- Norovirus so we had so much to catch up on. So lovely!

Quiet night for us tonight… might be having takeaway pizza to celebrate eating. 🍕

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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