Day 674 back to work today! 💻 📱 🚐 🚐 🚐


It was like my first day back at school after the holidays. I had everything ready to go.

Even driving was weird. My eyes have only moved at a snails pace for over a week… I drove like Miss Daisy all the way.


There’s a dog missing around by us just now…. I heard about her before we went to bed last night and she was my first thought when I woke. I checked the back garden. She ran away from a walk with her dog boarder as she got spooked by yesterday’s strong winds. I am devastated for everyone involved. The boarder who would never ever want something like that to happen. The owners who are devastated she is losing. The poor dog, to whom I’ve now given human emotions… is terrified, scared and has no idea where to go or what to do, in the most horrific weather. My mind is whirring it about like a mad wummin…..

I searched everywhere for her while trying to drive this morning. Not the brightest idea.

I seem to be determined to drag myself down and wallow in misery anywhere I can find it. Need to slap that out myself.

So work was very good today. I really enjoyed being back and I had a lovely cheery welcome.

I enjoyed having some purpose instead of lolling about from my bed to the couch and back. It feels good to be back in control.

I didn’t reckon on feeling so bad though. My stomach was really sore all day. It feels really gripey… what does that even mean?!?

I have hiccuped and burped all day too. Classy burd huh?!

I guess whatever’s in there is still working away…. I am hungry but I don’t fancy anything to eat…. A plate of chips for dinner tonight, I’m not sure they even tasted of anything.

So I’m staying home tonight (instead of crochet!) wrapped up in a blanket and the lovely Crochet Hookers have dropped off a lovely wee care package.

I’m on the Lucozade already. What is it about Lucozade?!?

When we were kids it was our go to whenever we were sick.

We could not get better without it! the yellow crinkly wrapper…. Takes me back!

So I’m on it now and hopefully it does the trick!

Aren’t they lovely! 💐

Stay safe everyone 💐💐💐

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