Day 670 today’s exercise was hair detangling 👱🏼‍♀️as Storm Malik rages outside!

It must only be the hardcore readers left checking in on our exciting travels from bed to bathroom and couch to bathroom and back….. today we went to….. car….. another extension of the house…. Just to have a look at Craig’s new stereo that was fitted last night.

It was a nice wee change of scenery.

Pity the poor guy that turns up here to fit a stereo, not to be invited in and to be told to stay as far away as he can as we are “sick”. to be fair, we maybe should have put him off but he was working outside.

So we slept well until Storm Malik woke me up. To be fair I thought it was the toilet flushing again so woke to check on Craig but no… it was just the raging wind outside the house this time.

I actually think I managed to capture the strength of the wind on my phone earlier.

Now I’m a bit institutionalised after the last few days but I was actually scared outside. It was the windiest I’ve felt it in a long time and that’s saying something giving our collective gurglings over the last few days. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Th pub fence is down again. A panel seems to blow down every year no matter what the menfolks (yup I really used that 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣) do to secure the posts on the ground. Those panels just can’t take a strong gust of wind.

Instead of waiting for Craig… who was in the bathroom… shocker… I decided in my wisdom to try and secure the fence myself. I was worried about the rose bush being flattened and almost got flattened myself. A gust blew me sideways with the fence. That’s musta been some gust!! Craig saved the day. With lots of “I’m too sick to be doing this” noises.

This next tree was scaring me the most!

It used to be vertical….Claire’s huge tree next door was taking a pummelling too!

So Craig took the dogs for a walk all by himself. He’s not eaten anything for two full days now. It was raining by then. he couldn’t have picked a worst time.

I went for a shower without 3 dogs staring at my every move and set to work detangling my hair. Jeezo that was a workout in itself. It’s the first time I’ve washed it since Tuesday morning… when I took my bobble my hair stayed up! It’s was bordering on dreadlocks 🤣 it felt good though.

I think we’re both just so weak now that it’s a vicious circle. Too squeamish to eat yet too weak as a result of not eating. Then dizzy and lightheaded and squeamish. We’ve decided to start slowly eating and see what happens. We don’t fancy much but we’ve both had some flapjacks and some naan bread. The random things you have lying around. I’m not taking anything for granted though.

I had to sit back down after my shower and I’ve been in Grans chair in the sunroom ever since.

Bhru on my lap!

Craig’s wrapped in a blanket watching the football in the living room and the sun is shining.

I hope that this is us finally over the worst of the sick bit. Just got to work on building our strength back up. I’m now down 7lbs. Hey it’s not like I didn’t need to lose it and Craig looks like he could use some smaller T-shirts.

This made me laugh!!!
Top gusts measure in the Outer Hebrides today!

My flowers are beautiful. It might be too hot in here for them as the tulips are wide open.

So clean hair and clean jammies… ready to take on the next nap. 💤💤💤 as the storm outside rages on. All in here seems finally a bit quieter.

Here’s to a wind free recovery. (yeah I’m proud of that…. 😬)

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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