Day 665 Monday but with a sunset 🌅

Ooooh I didn’t sleep that well last night… think maybe I was still travelling when I lay down.… it was after 11pm and that’s unheard of for me. I was shattered but wide awake at the same time. My Fitbit stats were not impressed.

We decided to miss the Farm this morning although I was awake just after 6am. That’s still a lie in…. I felt guilty that I was languishing in bed while I should have been exercising….. actually I wasn’t languishing…. I was stressing 🤣🤣 about not being at the Farm!!

When I left work tonight the sky was amazing and the sun was a huge golden ball in the sky ☀️

I drove down to Irvine Beach instead of heading to Tesco. Be rude not to.

It was bitterly cold. Bitterly is not an exaggeration.

The waves were crashing on to the beach. It was really wild and windy.

It disappeared so quickly.

It’s so true. If you blink you might miss it.

I’m watching After Life tonight…. So I’m basically crying into Bhruic.

She’s trying to hide it from me! Bhru always watches tv, she’s so funny. She’s quietly woofing away at the dog on it.

She says hi!

I think it’s the last ever episode. It’s so well written but so sad as well.

Need to find something more cheery for my next binge watch while Craig’s at work.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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