Day 658 basketball before 7am 🧺 🏀 🤣

Not many people can say that…. Well 21 folk can that were at the Fit Body Farm.

We had a great challenge this morning. One half of the team scores as many baskets as possible while the other team reaches 100m on the rowing machine, the ski-erg and 2500m on the assault bike.

There’s a great spirit to get through the metres as fast as possible so the other team score the fewer number of baskets. Who said I’m not competitive?!

The sky when I left
Strange line of light in the clouds ⛅️

I really enjoyed it. I still don’t feel the best but the anxiety has gone. I think the routine through the week helps as I can’t do anything other than the Farm and work. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Sunrise over Tartan HQ….

I spotted a CHRISTMAS TREE tonight on my way home….. I thought there was a law that said you have to have your Christmas lights down by 6th January?!?

I guess they have the right idea as lights are nice and make you smile on dark winter days.

Not much else to report from here….. ooh other than Craig made a lovely veggie curry. Super healthy and super tasty. how could I forget that. Just what I needed.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 658 basketball before 7am 🧺 🏀 🤣

  1. People do seem to keep Xmas trees up longer these days. I learned the other day that it was Queen Victoria who declared we should take our decs down by 6 Dec as she wanted people to get back to work! Before that celebrations and decorations had often gone on right through until Candlemas on 2 Feb!! Party party 🎉 X

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  2. I think people near us have also started putting up Xmas decs earlier each year during the pandemic, to cheer themselves up.. 😊so the season is a lot longer. Last year I did some Easter decs for the first time… Covid has jolted us out of all our normal patterns of’s quite fascinating really, can’t see it ever being “over” until eventually there’s a new generation who can’t remember living through a pandemic 😷

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