Day 649 housework on a soggy wet day! 🧹 🧼 🧽

Soooo after yesterdays snow excitement I have literally nothing to talk about today… but you know me… I will try my best.

We went out to the Run 4 It again yesterday afternoon as Craig was getting new running trainers so I managed to get a pic of the set up in the shop.

There he is on the treadmill getting his gait analysis. He has straight legs unlike mine so his choice was pretty straightforward, unlike mine the other day. 😬🤣

We popped into a Sainbury’s Local in Glasgow and they had lots of food reduced. They are city centre, business district based so I guess a Saturday is quite quiet for them so we picked up loads that goes off on the 8th….. we’ve eaten most of it already to be fair! A real bargain.

Back home for dinner and had Gyoza 🥟 and noodles 🍜 which is super tasty and like a takeaway but without the cost and the calories. Craig popped into the pub after dinner while I watched more of the Crown.

Still not sure about it but still watching.

You don’t get much peace in this house…. But instead you get lots of lovely puppy cuddles… Freya was laying into me big time. She’s great for evening cuddles.

Didn’t get to bed until almost 12!! That’s unheard of these days. We’re watching Stay Calm on a Netflix and it’s pretty obsessive. Highly recommended!

So today has been all about the housework again…. I got a bit disheartened this morning as I felt like we were just no wind stuff around but I have to appreciate what we actually did.

I’m frantically trying to get the duvet cover dry so we get clean bed tonight too!!

The snow is almost all gone. It’s that yucky wet way where it looks really dirty outside. Craig walked the dogs and they came back in and shook mud up the walls of the hallway and all over the floor. I’d just hoovered. I tried to keep calm. Craig said he thought I needed to eat something…. Turns out he was right. After a bite of lunch all was calm again and the dirty hallway forgotten. Well it’s not…. But you know what I mean. On the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world. After a fried egg Warburtons thin… all is good!

The two book ends… 🐶🐶

I popped into Claire’s for a cup of Turkish Tea and had some Salted Caramel Lindt chocolates for the first time. They’re really very lovely.

Feel like we hadn’t had a natter in ages. Was great to catch up. I took her some books and she gave me the same quantity in return…. Damn this trying to clear out malarkey 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

Back home now and sitting in Grans chair while Nana’s stove is roaring away.

I lit a candle (Mulled Wine scented which will either be lovely or will mess with my non drinking head!) and I’m enjoying the peace. The pups are sleeping as the heat had knocked them out!

I love the silence. There’s a clock ticking. I can hear and feel my breathing. Every now and then there is a huge clatter from the other side of the house….. Craig’s clearing out the office. 🤷🏻‍♀️😊🤣

A wee Scottish funny to end with. Happy Saturday night!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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