Day 648 SNOW!!!!! ☃️🏔⛷🏂❄️🌨

Oh my word. I love it when a blog just writes itself. Not gonna lie I was like a pig in shit this morning when we got up to snow. I can’t think of a better way of describing it…. 🤣🤣

So as you can imagine, I’ve been taking photos since 5.23am (you would never have got that precise time but you catch the drift…) this is what my blog is all about for me now. Sharing photos of nature at its best.

I took 252 photos before 12pm….. I love it.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmingly excited about something that you could almost cry with bubbling over emotion?! No…. Just me? 🙈🤣

Tracks on the way to the Farm

It doesn’t happen often but when all my ducks fall into place and my head is calm it is honestly just the best place to be. I am buzzing today to use that very modern word. Again, nothing else describes it better.

Now I was very lucky today as I don’t work Friday and Craig drives us to the Farm so I had nothing to worry about. He’s a great driver in the snow. I’d have been like Miss Daisy and we’d have been late!

Our workout was inside today. For most of the session, this was the view from the shutter doors.

I jumped out a few times to take photos…. Naturally… 😬

The workout was great. My legs are feeling it already but I upped some weights again. Always on the push.

Workout done! They all look great, I look knackered!!
It was beautiful when we left
Leaving the Farm!
It snowed heavily all the way home

Craig actually pulled into the side of the road as there a shot I’ve been wanting to get for ages…. This is just as you come into the village of Dunlop.

I’ve always thought this is such a pretty bridge. The light right next to it is like one from the Chronicles of Narnia!

What you can’t see in that photo is that there was a car stuck just around the bend through the bridge. He got moving just after my photo shoot.

Dunlop is a lovely village
Slippy hill
We did a big skid just on the left turn!
It was like this all the way home!
This lorry was stuck on this slight incline

It was still really heavy when we got home.

Home sweet home 🏡
Abbie was covered in snow.. thanks god I didn’t have to drive it today!

Craig gives me a head start to the garden before he lets the dogs out to mess up my snow!

These wee lights are funny as they are battery operated… they are switched off but have a will of their own and keep coming back on!
The bamboo is feeling the weight of the snow but looks super festive!
Forgot to say Craig had planted our Christmas tree…. Doesn’t it look lovely!!
The pub always looks stunning against the snow
This looks like the decking for a dolls house 🤣
No footprints 👣
Such a different photo with the security light on

I had some work to do on the Gateside Hall accounts so I sat up on my upstairs office, which I’ve not used in ages. Forgotten how lovey the view can be.

I spent a couple of hours up there balancing the accounts. I enjoy it when I put my mind to it and don’t see it as a huge chore.

You realise by this time it’s only about 10am….. there’s a dog walk to go. So many photos!!

The sky is beautiful.

There’s more snow on the way but the skies are clearing a bit by the time I get them out.

Reek Street
Love the snow on top of the gates
Wispy clouds

Everything looks so beautiful in the snow. It would be a totally different matter if it was pouring with rain on the dog walk!

I love this photo

Now it’s never easy walking 3 dogs, picking up 💩 and trying to take photos at the same time 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 but of course I don’t stop taking pictures.

Off we plod
Keeping on going
Beautiful tree 🌲

The light started to change as snow came driving over the hill from Largs.

So dark
Fairy Glen
So picture-skew as my Gran would say!
They know they are heading into Spiers School grounds
Less snow under the trees
My favourite gate!

Heading back now.

More snow in the sky
Huge amount of snow on the berry branches
Moody skies
Snow wifie ❄️🤣
Blue skies

This little guy flew along the hedge and the side of the road next to me and braved 3 Border Collies.

We always think of Craig’s dad when we see a Robin as there was one flying around inside at his funeral tea.

I took about 20 photos of it and only some had it in the shot!

Always love this cottage in atmospheric weather
More berries and snow on the top of the huge stone wall

I’m sitting in grans chair writing this and the 3 of them have settled at my feet! Me and my protectors.

It’s taken me an hour and half to write this so I’m going to stop for today. Just in case I take more photos 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

It’s just after 1pm and Craig will be home soon. We have no plans this weekend. The sun is shining on the snow for now. The forecast is pretty rotten for the weekend but maybe that will spur me in to doing something!

For now I’m just happy sitting here enjoying the view.

Stay safe everyone ☃️☃️☃️

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