Day 642 Happy New Year 2022! 🎉🎊🥳

What a lovely night we had in our field in Blairgowrie! It was so mild which was great and didn’t rain until just after 2am.

There were 6 of us for the bells…. Dave and Angela and Aaron and Charley.

These guys are all members of a group called Overland Bound and we’ve met them all in the last few years.

We had lots of lovely cheesey snacks in time for the bells…. Melted Camembert on an campfire… is the way forward. Angela brought the best homemade soup and sausage rolls… and Christmas cake as well. Her Christmas cake was soooo good!

We’d also had fillet steak with Parma ham wrapped asparagus for dinner. A feast of champions!

Angela and Dave
The gang!
Camembert 😋
Fireworks in the distance at the bells 🔔

I finally gave in just after 2 and went to join the dogs in bed!

We had a lovely lie in this morning as the dogs were exhausted. They had loads of fun playing with Dave and Angela’s grandson. He was the best pup sitter ever.

Here he is in action!

The weather has been so good… the sun came out. It was a really windy morning. I got up at 7 to wind the awning back in as the wind kept catching it. But we had some lovely sunshine.

Don’t need to see the guys… just like the silhouette 👤 🤣
“I don’t want Bhru and Freya to get the squeaky pig mumma…”

Stew and Eva joined us this morning too. They only live 40 minutes away but couldn’t make it last night. Group photo before they left.

Abbie the camper!
Team Avery ♥️

We took the dogs out for a walk.

So we decided that we would head home tonight. The thought of a shower, fresh clothes and steak pie beckoned. Not gonna lie… being home and not having to watch the dogs 24/7 is also a bonus.

Check the mess I made trying to get out of the pitch… coulda been worse I guess. The boys had to push me!

We have a lovely time with people who have now become good friends and it was great to be able to meet up this year.

The drive home was wild!!! It was so wet and windy…. Just had to take it slowly.

I’ve now had my shower but am still rocking Eau de Campfire…. 🔥

This makes me laugh!!

Here’s to a happy 2022 for us all!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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