Day 639 Fit Body Farm return and dog walk all before 8.30am 😵‍💫🥳

Wow, we were like machines this morning AND I’d like point out that I did not have a nap today…. Check me.

We were back at the FBF at 6am and that was a baptism of fire! I’ve been having wee lazy lie ins since Christmas Day. the 5am alarm was not that welcome!

I found it really hard this morning but still. We did it!

Back home and out with the dogs while it was still dark. We had hi via vests and head torches…. It started to rain then and it never stopped until about 4pm!

Our Overland Bound hi-vis

So back home in the shower at 9am and it’s still pitch black outside. It was sooooo dark today. And the rain poured down!

We had Craig’s business parter, Lorna, in for a meeting today. It was so good to catch up as I’ve not seen much of her since I stopped working with Pawsitive Solutions. She brought us a lovely Hyacinth plant which are may favourite! Can’t wait to watch it grow!

We had a cuppa and I let them get on while I hung washing up and put washing away and other housey stuff.

When she left we had lunch and headed into the pub next door and ended up there till 6.30! We got chatting to a lovely couple sitting next to us. Really good chat and banter. It’s nice to connect with people like that. Time flew by and I never thought about having a sleep!

Course I’m tired now though. I don’t know where today has gone!

So a wee quickie today! (Stop it!)

Always be YOU

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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