Day 615 a beautiful cold and frosty day ❄️☀️❄️

What a beautiful day. There’s not been a cloud in the sky all day.

I’ve had a good day because I chose to do what I wanted to do rather what I should do. I’m not feeling great but I’m not going to give it any power. There’s no reason to feel rotten just now. The sun shone, it’s nearly Christmas and Craig chose my least favourite tasks off the list!!

He did the food shopping while I walked the dogs this morning. I thought the fresh air would be good.

The dogs were great today. I was ready for ambush around every corner, every branch, every twig but thankfully we didn’t need it overthinking brain.

The colours were amazing today 💙 💚

My trees 🌳

Goat Fell looks spectacular covered in snow in the distance!

Heading back into the village.

What’s this Bhru says?!?

I love this wee cottage in the sun.

The sun at the bottom of the garden.

So I’ve done washing and hung it to dry and moved the sun room around so that I can crochet without the icy blast at the door in Gran’s chair. Such a random thing to do but it made a big difference! I know I could just shut the door but the dogs were running in and out.

I crocheted and listened to music. Added a whole new row onto the blanket. This one jumped up and wouldn’t let me get on with it!! I am under here.

And….. then I went to bed. Electric blanket on and slept for an hour and a half.

The list will have to wait. Once I allowed myself to realise that it was ok.

Always , always before!!!

We watched the Holiday last night which is a lovely Christmas feel good movie and tonight we’re on Love the Coopers. I’m drinking Ikea’s alcohol free mulled wine. Claire got me a bottle the other week. Smells so good.

Cheers to a good week ahead!

Stay safe everyone ☀️❄️☀️

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