Day 609 Fit Body Farm workout of the year 🏋🏻‍♀️& new Tartan Camper hoody!

I was in bed from 8.30pm last night and out for the count. Slept like a log. Finally!

Up at at ‘em at 5am ready for Fit Body Farm action. Today was the 2021 Workout of the Year where they are tying to encourage as many members as possible, past and present, to attend this workout number 1 of the week, over today and tomorrow.

I am the vision in yellow 💛 at the back.

Craig and I are members to Team Courage 💛💛

I was buzzing during the workout. I loved it! Short, sharp bursts of effort being cheered on by your team members. I had two lovely compliments about how fast I was on the ski-erg and how much weight I’d lost. So lovely of people to take the time to say that. I still haven’t lost much weight but I’ve lost 52cms so far which is great and I’m really feeling it.

My team won the final challenge. She who is not competitive at all…. Showed a teensy weensy wee shred of competitiveness today!

So a great start to the day!

There was still some snow this morning when I left

It’s been a rotten day weatherise. We had to watch out for ice at the farm but it’s got milder and it’s now really smirry rain. that rain that soaks you!!

A busy day at Tartan HQ and finally got a Tartan hoody! Sure the pics are disappointing as it seems a few folk think my tartan T-shirt’s and hoodies are tartan…. Eh no, sorry!

Being jumped on by Calaidh and Bhruic!

So another good day AND Craig made the tastiest dinner which always helps.

Sitting in front of the fire and not moving forward the rest of the night!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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