Day 607 the calm(ish) after the Storm Arwen 🌪🌪🌪

Wow well that was some night. I don’t remember a storm that bad, certainly not since we’ve lived here. It was wild!

I think we were luckier than the east coast of Scotland. I have seen friends and family that have lost sheds, greenhouses, fences and poor mum and dad had some mega force of wind take down not only their fence but push over their heavy double wooden seat!

Our house was cold last night. The force of the wind blowing on the windows and doors was crazy. I had to wrap a scarf and a hoody round the door handle to try and cover the lock to stop the wind from howling through it! We do have a very old house so it’s not the most weather secure.

The wind howled all night. I didn’t sleep great as I was either listening to it or being woken up by it. We hear very little from our bedroom normally as the walls are about a foot thick. This was walloping into the weindow panes and finding every angle necessary to get through!

We woke to Calaidh having a 6.15am bark at the wind…. the joys eh?!


However it was a beautiful morning and I’ve got loads done. I started with a dog walk with Bhruic and Freya at 8.30am.

Lovely clouds
This was the worst we found, a big branch down that someone had moved onto the verge
Almost sunrise
First icy puddle I’ve seen!
Of course there’s a gate!
Everything is so bright in the sun!
Sun’s up!
The tree in Geilsland estate
Sun between two trees
Walking into Gateside
Everything beautiful in the winter sun 🌞
Nature is amazing. All the leaves are piled like this!
Sunrise in the village
Maybe we should sweep them up?! Freya says??

Back home to drop them off and take Calaidh up the hill.

Sunrise on the edge of the village
Off we go!
Those patches are icy!
I spend so long avoiding the pylons in my local photos… I decided to embrace one!
The farm
Another gate!
Calaidh enjoying her walk
Spooky tree!
Not sure what I’m trying to achieve with this photo?!? Hard to make a star shape when you’re taking the photo and holding a poo bag!! Shows the the long winter sun shadow and Calaidh just above my head waiting for me
Good girl!
Love these trees!
Lovely view up the hill
Love this pic, Calaidh living her best life!
Back down to the main road

Back home and shower before heading straight down to my lovely friend, Gayle’s, shop for Christmas cards. She does some lovely ones from Gateside so I always like to try and get them before they sell out.

Doesn’t the window look beautiful 🤩
Loved these guys!
It’s just so beautiful

Back home and out to Abbie the campervan for a major clean out! I found a packet of scones that went off on 11the September!!!!! And the worst of it is.. they still look ok….

No sign of mould!!!

Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon out there in the van pottering, with the heater on of course. Felt really good to get it back into shape.

Then it was time for lunch and a weeeeee nap!

This pair were sitting on my knee so this is a selfie!! Love the look on Bhruic’s face.

Mum called and we had a good wee chat and it woke me up enough to get moving again, changed the bed, tidied the bedroom, put washing away. It feels good.

Just before I started to make dinner I went to let the dogs out the back and noticed the most amazing sky!

Not sure the photo even does it justice.

It was stunning.

So lucky to catch this as it was over in minutes. A reminder that life is short and you should look around so you don’t miss things.

I’m cooking chicken pizza for dinner tonight with olives, peppers, onion and goats cheese. We’re having that with roasted potatoes and broccoli healthy style.

It’s still freezing outside but both fires are on and it’s super cosy inside.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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