Day 604 a much better day and a reflection on my love of crochet 🧶

Well who knows why you get a good day when nothings changed since yesterday but hey, my heads screwed on the right way round today.

I wake just before the alarm at 4.45am which is a nice change from the usual 3 or 4am…. And the Fit Body Farm was good today. I felt wide awake and really up for it. There were at least 25 folk there today, the busiest class I’ve ever seen. All of those people exercising at 6am. Crazy eh?! But very dedicated.

It was pouring by the time I came out from my shower. We were so lucky to work out in the dry. It was so misty and murky when I left.

Work was good. Super busy and I didn’t do half of what I needed to do but today my head says that’s ok. It is what it is, I did my best.

Radley the work dog was super cute today looking for tummy rubs!

Honestly check me… I amaze myself. I can be in bits one day and totally in control the next. I have to say I love the days where I am.

The sky was pink when I left work tonight.

These colours remind me of my bedroom walls when I was a kid! I had pink, silver and grey wallpaper…. Random huh?!

Lots of poetic license here as the industrial estate is not attractive so I had to cut the bottom out of them all 🤣

I’ve got my Crochet Hookers group at 7pm. I’ve not crocheted for ages, I really need to get the hook out! I’ve got a blanket to finish.

So I enjoyed sharing photos last night and started thinking that I could write some blogs about some things from the past too.

So tonight… I’m thinking some past crochet for a start.

I have never been creative. My lovely Gran was and this is the reason I took up crochet.

Gran made me these when I was a wee girl. I grew up with these blankets and have had them in every bedroom I’ve ever had. I’ve marvelled over the colours she picked. I have favourite squares…. 💜

When Gran was in her care home towards the end she tried to teach me to crochet and I was really bad at it. She got a wee bit frustrated with me!

This is me with Gran when she was telling me my hair was too long and getting in her face. She always thought I should have it cut short.

Oh and this is her chair that I sit in all the time!

I’ve always wanted to be able to do it and one of my lovely neighbours, Anne, said she was going to a class a few years back and I said I’d love to go with her!

The very first square I ever tried.

We were in fits of giggles that night as we couldn’t crochet in a straight line… I reckoned it looked like an eye patch!

And I thought this looked like a moustache

One day it just clicked and I have been “granny squaring” ever since. I think it’s lovely that it’s called a granny square and maybe that’s why it’s the only thing I ever do!!

My blanket!
A blanket I made for my Uncle Ewen’s mother-in-law” who’s in a care home!
A baby blanket I made for my fiends shop
A blanket I started but haven’t finished
The blanket I made for our footstool
A baby blanket
Some coloured squares that still need joining
A random blanket I made for a horse!!! Using up spare wool 🧶
Craig’s blanket

There are loads more unfinished projects upstairs. Crochet got me through the hard days . It gave my mind something to focus on while I was off sick. I met the loveliest ladies in our crochet class who have become very good and supportive friends.

I can highly recommend it. 💜

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶

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