Day 603 a moany cow day so sharing some lovely photos ♥️

Wow I’ve been a right moan today. I woke at 4am. I tried to fall back asleep, tried not to make it a big thing. I maybe dozed for a few minutes but didn’t get back to sleep.

I knew my anxiety was quite high this morning. There’s no reason for it at the moment, at least I can’t put my finger on it. I felt antsy, nervous.

I felt ok by late morning but had a few wobbles. I couldn’t think straight and had to write a lot of lists.

On a positive note I have 35.1K likes on my photo on View from my window FB page. 244 people have shared my post. How crazy is that? How lovely is that actually. The comments I have on it are so heart warming.

So instead of writing a whinging blog I’m going to share some of my favourite photos.

Corran Sands, Jura
The first day I went volunteering after being off sick for a year and a half. I was terrified inside. Came home and burst into tears so grateful that it was over
Portencross Beach
Puppy Calaidh
Puppy Bhruic
Puppy Freya.. the runt of the litter
And then there were 5
My heart ♥️
Princes Beach, Eriskay
Too cute
Ardrossan Beach
Largs sunset
Smoo Cave, Durness
Barra – storm coming in
Otter pools. Galloway Forest
Loch Lomond
My lovely Gran with Freya

So I think that’s enough for tonight but I’ve been enjoying picking out some photos. Tomorrow will be a better day and this was better than me overanalysing what was just an off day I reckon.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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