Day 601 a lovely trip to the coast on a truly stunning day ☀️☀️☀️

What a beeeeeeea-U-tiful day! There was a stunning sky at 7.30am because of course I didn’t manage a lie in again today. why would I after a strenuous workout yesterday?!

Beautiful clear sky

It’s cold so we have the stove on for the first time in ages.


We had coffee while I sat in Gran’s chair. Basically that means that the side of me next to the fire is roasting and the side of me at the door is freezing. 🥵🥶 she says trying to edge in to the fire… 😬🤣

I was swithering about what to do with my day when Claire messaged to ask if I was taking the dogs out. Told her I was toying with the beach so she said she’d come too!

Funny how they swap round!
Portencross car park

There were cows in the field and their feeder was right up at the gate to the beach. Now this is controversial as I know I don’t own the land but you’d think we could have access to the beach from the car park without having to negotiate a herd of cows. Thankfully I saw them as we drove past so knew to have the dogs on the lead. People near beaches must get inundated with visitors so I do understand but it’s just another path that’s getting closed off. It’s not often I’m a wee big negative but this makes me a bit sad.

Isn’t this just totally stunning 🤩
Throw the sun Auntie Claire!
The Isle of Arran wearing a fluffy white wig!
Look how blue the sky is?!
Sand worms 🪱
Panoramic- click in it to view in full
I love this house 🏡
Loved this long grass!

We watched the lifeboat come flying out to this ship, speed round the back of it and then off out in front as if leading it in somewhere. Was a fascinating few minutes trying to figure out what was going on!

Claire bought me Turkish Apple Tea for my birthday so I took that down in the van and we had that with some Marshmallows that Craig had got me from the Marshmallowist.

Claire with Arran on her shoulder.
Side shot Sunday

It’s been a stunning day. Everything seems much brighter when the sun shines. The colours are so vibrant in the winter sun.

Ready to go home now mumma!
Calaidh being a beauty
Conked out!!

Had the best wee trip out, came home, wrote most of this and then into the pub next door for wee Rachel’s 12th birthday party!

It’s now 8.20pm and I’ve just quickly made breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and packed my sports bag for the morning.

My diet has been pretty shocking since Wednesday. Now when I say that, it’s nothing like it was but I’ve had more sugar than I’ve had in the last 3 weeks.

I feel it. There’s a bubbling anxiety that I’ve not done quite what I wanted and I’m not as calm as I’d want to be at this time on a Sunday night.

But actually… there’s nothing wrong, everything’s ready and I’m writing a list for the week. There’s no need for it. I need to screw the nut the next few weeks to get back on track and cut the sugar back out.

It’s a lovely calm and cold evening out there tonight. The moon is so bright.

So I hope you all have the best week. Be kind to everyone you meet as you’ve no idea what’s going on in their lives. ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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