Day 594 if alcohol-free-Carlsberg did Sunday’s (sure I called a blog this once before) 🙊😬🤷🏻‍♀️🙄🤣

First of all… check the sky before we went to bed last night. Spooky!

The house lights and garden light really lit everything up.

Oooooh I’ve just had the best day. I have ticked so many things off my list and it feels good.

To be fair I got up about 6am to achieve it so you’d bloody hope I had something to show for it. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣

I woke at 5.15am… becoming a habit…. The sky was pink when it got light.

We had a very early morning coffee (still decaf!) and I got into the housework.

Living room, Kitchen, Sunroom, Bathroom and STAIRS…. All done by 9am. So there are still things on my list but that’s a huge weight off my mind. I hate seeing mess everywhere. It overwhelms my mind. Makes me question my worth almost. How ridiculous is that?!?

We live with 3 dogs. Our house is never going to be a palace. Some days I use that as excuse. Some days I’m disgusted at the mess they cause. Some days I just tidy it all up and I feel awfy damn proud of myself.

I met Claire at 10am for a big walk with the dogs. It’s been a long time since we did that. I feel I’ve not walked the dogs enough this last week though Craig has but it felt good to give them a long walk and get a good blether along the way.

We walked to Barmill and to Nosh where Claire bought us rolls and square sausage and coffee…. They had decaf! Love this pics as Claire just walked out the door!!

We headed into the Barmill Community Park to have our breakfast.

And then we walked back.

This tree was so autumnal looking. The trees around here are all very black bark so the leaves really show up.

So regular readers will know exactly what came next…. Well after hanging up washing blah blah blah… I went to bed, put the electric blanket on and had THE best nap. 2.45pm I woke up. Soooo good.

Love this!

So another hour has passed writing this and it’s still only 4pm…. It’s been a great day.

This next one feels a bit negative for me to post but it’s actually pretty true. If you stay away from other peoples’ drama or expectations of you then life is so much more calm.

So I’m here now. Feet up in front of the fire.

I might get my crochet out… should do that actually… but most of all I’m relaxing. Should say here too that any form of movement is actually agony after yesterday’s Farm…. He upped the weights on our Sled Push 🛷 and I think everyone who did the workout says they can feel it! I have muscles on my muscles in my butt cheek and all the way down the backs of my legs. It’s pain free to sit still so I’m just gonna do that. 😬🤣

A funny to end with…..

Always, always, always B.

Have a great week everyone. Know your worth. Be kind to everyone you meet as you have no idea what their struggles may be. They may be trying to hold it all together and your kindness might just be the one thing that helps. We all have that power.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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