Day 592 survived a 5 day week 🤣🤣 and with a cold! 🤧😷

Ok I know…. Pure hunners of people work 5 days a week and hey… I have done for the rest of my life… just not so much now.

So boom, 5 day week done, anxiety still in check AND most of it done with a rotten, stinking cold.

This has been me this week

I didn’t go to the Fit Body Farm this morning as I couldn’t breathe properly… and I felt totally wiped out. The coach says that if the cold is only in your nose rather then your chest then you can work out at a reduced level so I’m going to go tomorrow morning instead. I’m finally feeling a wee bit better. I have a working nostril at last!

So there’s not much else to report today. I’m sitting in jammies with my feet up in front of the fire. I’ve had dinner…. I’ve cooked every night this week even though I’ve felt rotten.

I’ve lost a few pounds this week on top of the inches. It feels good to be down a bit in weight.

Bhruic giving me cuddles 🥰
Freya muscling in too!

Another early night for me, life in the fast lane but hey, just the way I like it. ♥️

Have a good weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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