Day 590 I “dot the told” 🤧😷

I’m a wee sorry soul tonight. I’m so bunged up and wabbit.

I’ve had to phone in sick to my Crochet Hookers group tonight. Jammies are on and the heating is way up. I’ll be wrapped in a blanket shortly.

To be fair paracetamol really helps but I forgot to take it at lunchtime so I’m holding off until bedtime. My sinuses have a pulse of their own at the moment. My nose is running non stop. 🤧😷

So….. I did make it to the Fit Body Farm this morning and worked really hard. They were difficult exercises but I tried to up the weights again too. I was breathing way better than I am now.

It was a lovely morning when I left.

When I got to work I realised the heater wasn’t working. Now this would be the third heater that had broken in my 6 months there…. I should not be allowed a heater….

I started work, laptop is fine…. Went to hit the kettle on… nothing. I hadn’t broken the heater after all but something had tripped the fuse so all the electric sockets had gone off. My laptop must have been running on battery.

I had to sport a hat look. I laughed at this photo as the fan, we so desperately needed in the summer, is almost taunting me. We bought them on the last hot day of the year and have never needed them since 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So a good day despite feeling rotten. Great buzz about the place. Loads happening. Love it.

I am leaving this cold!!

I’ve noticed this next one a lot recently.

Situations that would usually have sent me reeling have not phased me and I’m proud of the way I’ve dealt with them. My anxiety has almost been non existent for the last few weeks which is great.

Long may that continue.

And this next one is the key to it all.

Once I finally stopped seeking everyone’s sympathy for being so busy, so stressed, up at 5.30am (oooh bliss now..) home at 7pm, no time, no time, no time…. I suddenly realise how many more hours there are in every day. And appreciate every one of them.

I’m off to eat a hearty stew for dinner and coorie in for the night.

I will be snuggling and nestling rather than crouching for protection 😬🤣

Paracetamol then bed and out for the count, I hope!

Stay safe everyone 🤧🤧🤧

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