Day 587 lazy like Sunday mornings then off to see Mum & Dad ♥️

I could not wake up again this morning. Out for the count. That dead to the world sleep that I have to drag myself to wake up from. Just like last Sunday.

My throat was sore but it’s better when I get up.

So I go slow. Very slow. Mostly on stop to be honest. I have a bite to eat and lie back down on the couch for a wee while.

I didn’t go back to sleep but I really could have.

A shower helped wake me up. I can kind of think straight now.

You know the kind of thing….

So now we’re off to see mum and dad for the time in ages. It was dad’s birthday on 28th September and we’ve not seen him since then… to be fair we’ve both had holidays in that time but still.

The last few years have taken away my control over organising birthday cards and presents for people. I no longer believe that I can buy anything for people. I no longer believe I know what they would like or want.

I used to love other people’s birthdays. That’s something I need to work at to get back. I love giving people gifts and watching them open them.

All that aside we were super organised for dad this year. Of course we were. We went to Islay. We went to the Laphroaig distillery.

Here I am in Laphroaig with Dad’s birthday present
Dad’s birthday present is the green box Lore
Freya looks less than impressed!
This really made me laugh as it’s so true!

We passed the the Poppy Pyramids at Bathgate.

Hard to get a decent photo at 70mph but I tried! Three 30ft giant poppies appear ever year to remember those lost in the world wars.

I did not know that until I looked it up. Wow. I always thought it was a local farmer… sometimes the sheep on these pyramids are multicoloured!

The Pentland Hills

So it’s 8.36pm and we’re just home. We’ve had a lovely day! Dad got his birthday present finally!! Think he liked it…

We had a lovely lunch with mum and dad and then my brother and sis in law popped in with my nephew. We’ve not seen them all together in so long. We really must do it more often! Covid aside!

My nephew loves the dogs… they had great fun playing football outside. They settled down for a wee cuddle on the floor and they were both almost asleep!

Cousin love ♥️

They dogs were out of the count on the way home!

We got stuck in traffic on the wayhome due to an accident. I made Craig take a photo of the traffic!!

It only added about 20 mins on to our journey to be fair but that’s a whole lot of traffic for a Sunday night.

So, a great weekend. Just made breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Another week of early starts but a healthy lifestyle.

Check me. Who’d a thunk it?!?

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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