Day 586 it’s blawin’ a hoolie out there! 🌪🌪🌪🌨🌪🌪🌪

Wow what a day. I don’t remember it being this windy for a good while. I don’t even know if this storm has a name? Most strong breaths of air do at the moment. It’s bad enough that it should have a name.

I’m still not feeling great but it’s still only at the funny throat stage so I’ll take that.

I’ve been in comfies most of the day but I’ve done loads of housework. Washing, hoovered, cleaned, dusted and watched with one eye out the window at the horror of the weather! We couldn’t even have the doors open for the dogs as the rain was pouring in the back door. We had lights on all morning as it was so dark.

And then… a chink of sunshine in the gloom… so I got my walking gear on and headed out with the dogs.

Now do not let these sunny pics fool you. It was almost so windy at times it was blowing me sideways. Me. Now I might be down a cm or two body dimensions wise, but I’m still not the size that gets blown sideways!

Lovely and sunny this way!
Check the skies the other way!
Big clouds on the horizon
The storm is brewing
There are twigs all over the road
How beautiful is this?!

All through this I can hardly hold the phone steady to take pics… bearing in mind I have 3 dogs in the other hand… that are desperate to get up to the field for a run about.

The bank of cloud is coming…

Now I could see that the field we were heading to had sheep on it. They shouldn’t be there as it’s a field without fences but they keep escaping and ending up here. Means I can’t let the dogs off the lead… dammit.

Pesky intruder sheep

So I decided to walk up the bottom of the field and up the left to try and push them back to the field on the right. The wind was raging so they couldn’t hear us coming. I tried to whistle at them, I tried to bark… yep I barked at sheep. All the way up there in the field.

Nothing. They didn’t look up.

I got closer. Dogs still on the lead. I’m still trying to left flank them.

Then 3 cows in the next field catch wind of us. They start running down to the bottom corner of the field the sheep should be in. It’s almost as if they are trying to tell the sheep we are coming. They are running kicking their rear hooves up in the air.

Finally one looks up…. At the cows. Then two, three, four…. And they start to move towards the correct field. And then something makes them turn around towards us. Maybe a cow tells them we are there?! We have been 🐑 spotted…. And they start to move.

Toward us…….. 😱

Now I know sheep are not the cleverest of animals but what sheep walks towards someone with 3 Border Collies?!?!

So now they think I’m a farmer?? 👩🏻‍🌾

I know… I need to get out more. 🤣

I mildly panic and turn round and walk back in the opposite direction…. Pretty sharpish like…. And thankfully the silly sheep do the same and all run back in to their field! Just like that…. Like sheep 🐑

Now bear in mind through all of this, it’s still blawin’ a hoolie.

Bhruic modelling the wind!

Now this next pic is to let you see that the grass was blowing in the wind. It isn’t doing it justice…. The wind was actually tracking all the way along the ground.

Yeah this one doesn’t show it either 🤣🤣

Heading back down the road in the sunshine… and met this wee guy!

So the moral of my story today is that even when the weather is horrific there is still beauty to be found and I still wandered round like a kid in a sweetie shop trying to get the best photos. Yeah… I know.

Pretty tree

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 586 it’s blawin’ a hoolie out there! 🌪🌪🌪🌨🌪🌪🌪

    1. Wow. I can’t believe I never saw it. It’s the same here today. Not been this stormy in a long time. Wow.. red kites are quite rare I think. Amazing to have them behind the house!! Xx


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