Day 580 clocks ⏰ went back last night and it’s Halloween 🎃 👻💀🎃

I love it when the clocks go back. We gain an extra hour of the weekend….. yet…. I didn’t see it at all as I slept right through it! Which basically means I’ve slept for HOURS…. 💤💤💤

I was in one of those “dead to the world” type sleeps. Nothing in my head. It was such a deep sleep. Sooo good!

I opened my eyes at 8.49am. Boom. Awake. Up!

Thankfully not but one friend was on Frozen for the second time by 8.30am 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
This is SOOOOOO true!!

It’s also Halloween 🎃

A whole lotta truth in this!
Some element of truth in this!

So I’m having a really great weekend. I am chill, I am calm and I’m relaxed. I’ve not thought about work at all which is unheard of for at least the last month or so.

I’m not beating myself up about my list of chores. They are not walloping me in the face every 5 minutes. If I choose do something off my list then I do it and it feels good to mentally tick it off. It also feels just as good not to do the things on the list.

I’m super tired but I think it’s mostly the exhaustion of all the overthinking from the last month. It’s all part of the recovery.

We did the food shopping first thing this morning. Got loads of healthy food. What has actually happened to me?!? If you told me I’d be eating lettuce wraps and actually enjoying every bite I’d have laughed in your face 😂😂

I have already prepared my lunch for tomorrow already…….



Then I took the dogs out. It was torrential rain so I put what I called my wet clothes on. Craig did ask why I wouldn’t put dry clothes on and to be fair, he had a point. 🤣😂🤣

Some lovely colours 🍁🍂🍁
This old gate needs a bit of tlc
And then this happened! The sun came out!!
These leaves are lovely!
Reflections in a muddy puddle – very autumnal

So it’s still only 1.30pm. How is it the extra hour feels sooooo much longer than just an hour?! This is the best day of the year.

This made me laugh!!

I’ve had a lovely afternoon. I’ve pottered, hoovered, done washing, had a mini snooze. I’m really tired but can’t sleep with the smell of the pork joint we have cooking for pulled pork. I’ve just opened my eyes and it’s 17.20 and it’s dark.

Acht the nights are fair drawin’ in now.

Yup… the c-word…. It’s comin’ next but I’m gonna try and continue enjoying the present moment.

As that’s where true happiness lies.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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