Day 579 reflections of the first party in years, clearing kitchen cupboards and chillin’ 🎃👻🤠🖤

Well…. I actually had a great time at the village pub Halloween party last night. What a great bunch of folk, amazing costumes. A real live band and dancing… lots of dancing!

The torrential rain finally cleared and left this. Wow!
Getting ready and I was not impressed…. Still not fancying my costume

Now Craig has the curliest hair ever in the history of curly hair and he decides he wants it straight for his costume…. Rolls eyes…. But actually it’s really fun trying to straighten it. I blow dried it straight and then used my straighteners for the first time in about 4 years… not quite but almost!

Pretty damn straight!!!

Of course it spent the night getting shorter as the curl frizzed up in it but hey it looked really different to his usual “do”.

Mr & Mrs Cowboy 🤠

So yeah, I had moments of insecurity. Nerves walking in dressed up but not dressed up enough for a major Halloween costume. I don’t join in on the games they play but on whole I relaxed and enjoyed it.

Our neighbours are so lovely and I got so many lovely comments on the blog. ♥️ thanks to everyone who reads this as it means a lot.

This really hits the mark.

At 9pm the band came on… now this is a small village pub and honestly I could feel my face vibrating with the sound. It was very loud, so loud we had to scream to speak to anyone and I’ve spent most of today croaking or squeaking! But I reckon the band was a turning point for me…. When they played something I knew the desire to boogie was overwhelming…. Even sober amongst everyone else drinking. So I danced!

With Claire!
With Claire and Michelle!
With Batman 🦇

The band usually play Deacon Blue’s Dignity at the end of the night and in years gone by it’s been a sit on the bar and sing….. so I decided to get up there again this year. Why not?! All sober. And I loved it!!

A very unsightly singing on the bar with Rachel two doors down!!

Home and bed with a wee smile on my face.

So I’ve not got out of my jammies today at all. Well I did…. about 4.30pm (so that was a lie!) but into leggings and a sweatshirt so not much change.

We’ve had a lazy morning with a flurry of afternoon activity clearing out kitchen cupboards, writing a shopping list and making Breakfast Bars from thenFit Body Farm cook book. They are lovely but cut into squares rather than bars as a wee snack!

Butter, cashew butter, honey, oats, chia seeds, banana, lime and orange zest, walnuts and flaked almonds…. Lovely 😊

I mean honestly… me baking?!? There are loads of things I “should” have done today but getting the kitchen in order is a huge help to the Fit Body Farm healthy eating challenge. All the tubs have lids and everything is where it’s meant to be rather than all over the place as it was last week.

A fresh start to week 2!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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