Day 577 and just like that it’s my weekend again! 🥳

I’m amazed at myself with this healthy eating thing…. Someone’s alarm went off at 5.45 this morning 😳 and I knew I was wide awake. I got up to the loo and stood there weighing up the choice between staying up and going back to bed. I mean any normal person would just go back to bed….. I just knew if I did that I’d feel more lethargic as I’d lie there thinking about everything that needed done. So I jumped in the shower and got it over with. I’m up!

I then spent time preparing breakfast and lunch….

Lunch was smoked salmon and prawn salad with mango, cashews and tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and lime dressing. All freshly made.

I usually hate salad. This was bloody lovely. I even filled out My Fitness Pal and I usually hate doing that. Hate is a strong word but both salad and my fitness pal have caused a wave of overwhelming stress and anxiety for me in recent years. A strop that I should have to bother with them…. I know, ok?! I hear myself but that’s what it was?

Yip… unafraid to express my truth. Guess we’ve got that covered now eh?!

So yeah I’m actually savouring what I’m eating because I had to prepare it. The office has a different smell every day… brocolli soup, boiled eggs and today smoked salmon… I’m the gift that keeps on giving!! (And no I don’t mean what you think so don’t start, I’ve been very good on that front…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣)

It rained for most of the day again but at some point I realised there was calm above the portacabin…. I stepped out and there was a strange ball in the sky?!

Drove home from work towards a huge fire and ended up driving right past it. There’s a travellers camp set up in the north of Irvine. They’ve moved HUGE big stones to fit their caravans in but sadly not enough for the Fire Engine. It looked like a caravan had exploded. It was a huge fire and it was ablaze when I passed it. they were trying to stretch the hoses to reach. Hope everyone was ok. 🤞🏼

Home to dinner a la Craigie…

Shepherds Pie and Mediterranean veg

Nice lazy evening for me. Cuppa and good chat with Claire, feet up watching tv. Chill.

Here’s to the weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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