Day 573 housework and prep for the Fit Body Farm 6 week challenge 🏋🏻‍♀️

Very often!!

I had a list this weekend and I achieved a fair bit of it. I did add things as I did them and scored them off. It is a win!

The most important thing this weekend was some prep for the Fit Body Farm 6 week challenge where we aim to lose 6% body fat. I’ve don’t this before but struggled with the nutrition and lost 4%. This is a great time to try it again as we head into the winter months and I’d probably be pigging out if I wasn’t trying to be healthy!

Craig went to chop wood with the village woodcutters and I went to the supermarket with my list.

Ended up in 2 supermarkets! Still didn’t get everything.

Got back home and started making Broccoli and Mint soup and some Cashew Granola.

Nothing looks very appetising but it’s healthy and freshly mad. That’s breakfast and lunch covered for a few days.

Then popped into Claire’s for a cuppa and a lovely chat. Took my decaf with me….saddo!

Back home and did housework, hoovered and then took the dogs for a walk. Well Calaidh and Freya and left the Limpy McLimperson Bhruic behind. It was a lovely day and I don’t think that was forecast at all.

This is just a puddle in a field but the colours are stunning
Check this gate mumma
Loved this fern growing out the wall

So it’s been a busy day. I didn’t sit down until about 6pm…. oh and made a roast chicken, roasties and brocolli for dinner! I mean come on…

So yeah, I’m not jumping through hoops of excitement about having to prep everything that I eat in the next 6 weeks but I’ve made a start. It’s taken me all day but I’ve done it.

I even have options for dinner tomorrow night. What’s the world coming to??!

This needs to be my mantra this week

So yeah, Sunday night… remember we can handle everything this week throws at us.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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