Day 566 from a dry, calm Nairn to a misty drive home 🏡

We were in bed for 7.30pm last night and honestly slept right through til 8am this morning. Musta needed it!!

It wasn’t as cold last night so we didn’t need the diesel heater on at all and I think the fresh air took its toll and we were out for the count.

It rained a fair bit overnight and we woke up to lots of condensation this morning!

So thought I’d show you how we roll in our tent…

Bhruic sleeping with Craig
Calaidh on me
Freya telling me it’s time to wake up!

Think she needs the dentist?!

Much cuter when she’s not being jaws!

So we finally got up.

Now check this photo and zoom in on the left hand side… that’s how close the Alpacas are to the tent.

The dark brown Aplaca is called Hamish.

Morning you guys!
Back Butteries this time for breakfast with coffee of course

Not sure if I said but I’ve been on decaf coffee this last week and I’ve noticed a difference in my anxiety. I am way calmer… now I realise this could be a number of things as I’ve been working on the Daylight app for anxiety too. It could just be that I’ve spent the last two nights in a field… maybe that’s it. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

The skies are dramatic
And then the sun came out!
Dramatic skies opposite though

I think the rain is coming but we are so lucky we got to laze around and pack up until we left about 1.30pm.

I took them down to the pond again. They love playing around here. We were very lucky that the site was so quiet so we could leave the dogs running around in the dog walk area…. They had a blast.

Arty stone throw shot!
Mini thistle!

And so it was time to leave…. It started to rain about 10 minutes into our 4 hour drive and it rained pretty much all the way down. Just low cloud and misty rain. We were so lucky with the weather this weekend not to have been camping in it!

Few shots from the drive down…. I loved not driving!!

Lovely scenery all the way down despite the weather. We got stuck in 3 traffic jams but they only added 15 mins or so.

I am now here.

Remember we all got this!

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥

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