Day 565 a day in sunny Nairn! 🏕🐶🐶🐶

It was super chilly last night after we had dinner and we got the wood burning stove on and sat cooried in next to it. We sat out until just before 10pm.

We have the diesel heater for the tent… we had it on to start with. Switched it off through the night and back on again early morning as it had cooled down a bit. We have 2 cots that we sleep on and the dogs either lie on the floor or pick a person to lie on… literally.

So we didn’t sleep great. I was comfy and relaxed but always pretty aware of what was going on round about me. it’s hard not to be when 3 border collies want to use you as a trampoline!🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Got up at 7.30 to take the dogs out and it was a lovely red sky. (Don’t want red sky in the morning though as that suggests the weather will turn?!?)

She know never cooks…. cooked bacon 🥓 for rolls and made coffee for breakfast.

Love a campfire breakfast 🍳

So we decided to head down to Nairn this morning as we didn’t see any of it the last time we were here. Nairn is only 3 miles from Barns Highland Campsite. 🏕

It’s cloudy and a bit overcast but I have my thermals on under my clothes. I have 5 layers on my top half!!! I am cosy.

Let’s all pose unwillingly beside the driftwood tree…
This tree is stunning!
The hammerhead shark hat strikes again

We had some fun with the frisbee and the girls ran for miles!

More tree art!
Love this view from up at the marina
Nairn Marina
View over to Cromarty

We went for a walk around the marina and then stopped at the Strathnairn Beach Cafe for coffee and a cake. To be fair we had only really just had breakfast but hey… it’s a holiday. And there’s always room for cake!

And as we waited for our order the sun came out!!!

Looking toward Inverness
Looking out to sea
Car park at the beach

We popped into Sainsbury’s and I spotted this wee guy in the car park 🍄

It’s amazing what you see when you take the time to look around you. when would you ever think this would grow right behind your parking space at a supermarket. Nature is amazing!!

The drive home to the campsite along lovely single track roads. it’s been blue skies and sunshine for most of the afternoon. Stunning!

On arrival…… 🤣🤣🤣

This campsite is spotlessly clean

Took the dogs for a run in the field.

Bhru searching for her stone!
Calaidh waiting for a stone!
Doesn’t this look positively tropical?!?

If you look In the top left hand corner of the next pic you’ll see our car… that’s where we’re camped.

Same again here…. Campsite up directly behind Freya
They’ve loved playing around as there are no other dogs so they’ve had a bit more freedom
Clouding over

Craigs watching the football now and I’m crocheting. We are sitting out in the sun but it’s disappearing fast and my fingers are still cold in fingerless gloves. My crochet is getting slower…. I’ve retreated into the car for a nap!

It’s been a beautiful day. It’s very cold but it’s so calm and bright…. No wind and no rain and that’s all we can ask.

The alpacas came down to check the dogs…

So Craig went to check them out!!

But you’re not dogs!

We made chicken and chorizo chilli and honey wraps tonight. They were so good. I’m really enjoying cooking though it’s hardly gourmet chef stuff… it’s good for me!

No sunset tonight but there’s still a lovely colour in the sky.

This has been another great break at Barns Highland. It’s so calm and peaceful here… the only sound is the barking of our own dogs…. When an Alpaca comes to visit 🤣🤣 no sign of the Highlanders today! Boo……

A quiet night in front of the stove for us. Just how we like it. The forecast looks good and the rain should stay away!

Stay safe everyone 🏕🔥🐶

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