Day 557 a bit of self love today 💜🧡♥️

Not gonna lie… the mood wasn’t the best this morning. My stomach cramps were sore so I took paracetamol. The good thing is I feel really calm though projected into orbit by random questions and discussions. For no reason. Totally me, my head and I. 🤯

However, I had a lovely wee day today.

The girl that used to paint my toes has been on maternity leave since October last year! She came back to work this week and I booked my toenails in as soon as I knew! It’s the only real beauty thing that I do. There’s something lovely about having your toes painted. I have a lovely plummy red colour today. I’ve tried and decided you don’t need the pic….. 💅🏼🤣

That only took a half hour so I headed up to Linwood as I was meeting an old friend for lunch. She’s not old…. Before you start… I’ve known her since we worked together in 2001-2002. I was very early so popped into Asda to pick up dinner while I waited.

I met Carol-ann at 12 at the Linwood Farm. Wait until you see the cakes…… oh my actual word.

So we had the loveliest lunch which Carol-ann stated was her shout before I even had a chance to say hello! Should say here that Carol-Ann made the lovely Lucky Teddy that she gave me last year because she thought I would love it. And I did and I do! Lucky lives in the living room on top of the drinks cabinet…. Well out the way of puppy jaws!

Gorgeous eh?! And she made it!!!

Anyway…. We’ve probably not met up since about 2016 I reckon so there was loads to catch up on!!!

Now for the cakes….

I want you to take some time to zoom in on these…. They are honestly about 30cm high. I have never seen cake like it.

We have a slice of the Mars Attack to share tonight…. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Ice cream?!?!?!?! Wow!

After lunch I drove up to Braehead Shopping centre. I had an appointment for a free facial in Boots…. Not gonna lie, I thought it was a makeover but it was a facial. Now you’re in the middle of the shop… at the No7 stand…. But I had an hours worth of facial (stop it for those of you sniggering at that word… I know who you are)

For free.

So you would think… it’s gonna cost you. They’ll get you to buy everything they used. That was my fear.

Actually the girl gave me wee sample tubs of most of the things she used. One of the serums was £34.95 and I reckon she must have given me at least a £6 sample of it. I’m so impressed. I have it all to try at home.

For free!

Bumped into my neighbours mum and dad. So lovely to see them and have a wee chat. Within minutes we both messaged Claire to tell her we’d met each other and how lovely it was. I love that!

So back home and popped into the pub for a 0% Tanquery Gin and pink soda before dinner.

We’re having a lovely chilled out evening in the sunroom. Candles on, twinkly lights twinkling. We decided this morning we’d have a different night. I feel like I’ve spent most of it writing this so I gonna go and enjoy it. Time without tv. Priceless.

Time without anxiety. Absolute bliss. Heaven.

I need to learn to accept that sometimes I suffer from overwhelming anxiety. It skews my view of things. It’s on overreaction. It’s not the end of the world.

It’s just who I am.

Now I’m off to eat lots of cake and drink Nozeco!

Stay safe everyone 🥰🥰🥰

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