Day 549 a wee quickie tonight I think 不不不

The blog I mean the blog is gonna be a quick one tonight. Clean your mind!

Its 19.24 and Ive just sat down and even then I shouldnt be. I have things that need doing but my head wont think straight!

Awake at 5.30am again but calmly and not in a crazy anxious state thankfully. Ive not slept well all week for some reason. Ok thats not true, Ive slept fine just woken up early every day.

Another busy day at Tartan HQ with two customer hand overs!

Its been a really busy week but the boys have done a great job and both customers vans were ready ahead of schedule. Its quarter end tomorrow and we finished a day early. Onto next quarters work already. A good feeling.

I didnt get home until about 5.30 and have been cleaning and packing Abbie the camper van ready for another wee trip away this weekend.

Auntie Jac and I are off up to Arisaig for two nights. This is where we are going to be!

I love the turquoise sea and pure white soft sand! Dont know how much of the colour we will see as the forecast is pretty wet for the weekend but we will make the most of it!

Its a good 3 hour drive so lots of exploring to do!

I have the Fit Body Farm at 6am then home, packed up and ready for the off.

So just had a wee last minute pop in next door to meet the new addition to the family!

The photo doesnt do it justice and show how small he/she is. Just a teeny, weeny, gorgeous bundle of fluff.

Im off to bed very shortly. Im looking forward to some exploring and chill time!

Stay safe everyone 伐伐伐

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