Day 536 rain all day but we’re cosy at home! 🏡

It’s not stopped raining all day. Kinda glad we came home yesterday so we could watch it all from the heat of the house!

I’ve been in a funny mood today. Irritable I think. Maybe end of holiday blues? Maybe having to buy a new washing machine… and still having water back up issues…. In the house…. Not me personally 🤣🤣🤣

I think from the peace of living in a woodland for a week to home with responsibilities, dramas, things happening that you can’t control it was all just a bit much for positivity.

So we were awake sharp again this morning. Up, coffee and pottering about tidying up the camping stuff. It was one of those mornings where I found a clothes peg…. Went and put it away….. then found another clothes peg… put it away…… then found another clothes peg……. Must have done this about 5 or 6 times…. Good for the step count but not so much for productivity?!?

Ordered the new washing machine through AO… the same as the one we have obviously just a newer version. They will deliver it tomorrow….. I’m truly blown away by that… And they will disconnect the old one, reconnect the new one and take the old one away! All within 24 hours of ordering it…. There was also a code that popped up saying “do you want another £25 off?”…. If so copy this code…. Eh ok….. done.

We also went to our local butchers to buy some meat for our new found interest in cooking. I need it to last this time. I need to take control of my health and nutrition. I’ve been talking about it for long enough.

We have chicken for Tandoori Chicken Masala and Chicken Makhani and Pork fillet for pork Tacos.

We’ve written a list of all the things we need to do to the house to bring it back up to speed. I felt a bit overwhelmed by it all.

And then I went to bed. I actually watched tv in bed which is something I never do. A couple of episodes of Grace and Frankie which always makes me relax and laugh. Then the best nap ever.

I woke up at 5pm and Craig has tidied out the kitchen cupboards and the fridge and prepped everything for dinner. Mega brownie points Mr A!


I was going to say…. So a bit of a nothing day…. Now that I write this I realise we have done enough. I am enough. I need to help create peace rather than soak up drama. All while concentrating on health and nutrition. Easy. Boom.

A couple of holiday pics to end.

And relax….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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