Day 527 a lovely day trip to Jura 🚐 ⛴ 🏝

I’m afraid this blog is gonna be a bit of a swizz….. I’m tired after a long but lovely day out from Islay to Jura in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides.

It’s been scorching hot today. We’re both brown as berries (burnt to a crisp is more like it but brown as berries more poetic!)

We’ve had a lovely day and I’ve managed to keep my anxiety at bay for the most part. (should say that negotiating your 5m camper van on and off a very small car ferry is something that would generate anxiety in almost anyone… not least the girl who looks for anxiety everywhere!!)

I have sooooo many photos that I’m gonna take the time to look through them properly and write about our adventures tomorrow.

Just a few to keep you going 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Sunrise on Islay at 7am
Corran Sands

It was such a lovely day.

Stay safe everyone 🚐⛴☀️

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