Day 524 Arran to Islay from stunning sunrise 🌅 to pouring rain….. 🌧🌧🌧🌧

I got up to head to the toilet blocks at 6am…. Thought then the sky looked stunning.

Sunrise did not disappoint. Absolutely stunning.

We actually took Abbie to Hawaii 🤣🤣🌴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Oh my actual word. So glad I suggested we take Bhru down to the beach before we left.

Forgot to post this route map yesterday but yesterday was home to A-B-C and this morning we did C-D-E all before 8.30am!!

It was a lovely drive! There’s been a tiny smattering of rain so far and more is due later.

We’re sitting her now waiting on the CalaMac Catriona to sail from Lochranza on Arran back to the mainland.

Such clear water
Out testing the Catriona’s life raft…. They took if for a wee spin!
We bumped into one of the Overland Bound guys, Ewan in his brothers Ferrari (as you do!)

Abbie before Ferrari 🤣🤣🤣

Leaving Lochranza

I went to buy us all tickets as Ewan was on crutches and I got stuck in a huge queue. Then the didn’t take cash…. I had to get back to the van and try to rescue my bag… no mean feat as there’s no space to move on these ferries…. Let alone the fact that Abbie is pretty full…..

You can imagine “Mrs I Need To Take Photos” was spitting chips at being stuck indoors on a half hour ferry trip…. But I came out to this….

The Isle of Arran as we don’t normally see it.

Absolutely stunning and rugged looking. We like Arran a lot.

No approaching Claonaig back on the mainland.

Back to the map we’ve just done E-F-G!

This is the previous Islay ferry which has just left and we have 2.5 hours to wait on the next one…. But we knew that. The first ferry from Lochranza doesn’t get you in on time!

Bhru lovin a scramble on the rocks

Here comes the CalMac Hebridean Isles.

Check the two wee swans that paddled right up to the side of the ferry

It would appear the swans are fed first by a chef from a higher deck then another CalMac guy from one of the windows on the lower deck. These swans no exactly what they are doing!!!

We had to wait a few hours for the next ferry and it was nice just to hang around for a while.

How stunning is this. Not a breath!

Leaving Kennacraig
Port Askaig bound

The cafeteria guys were having a bet on who could sell the most Captain CalMac teddies and in walks “Mrs Never Can Resist a Teddy and Wanted One for Years”….. 🧑🏻‍✈️🧸⛴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤷🏻‍♀️

Yes mum….. I will be 50 soon… I know!

Passing the Isle of Gigha.

Bhru’s settled down a bit now. She’s not sure of this ferry malarkey….

One of the Paps of Jura.

A lighthouse on Islay.

Sailing into Port Askaig….

And this is where the fairytale takes a turn…… just as we arrive into Port Charlotte, a half hour from Port Askaig… PC is lovely by the way. The heavens open. We’ve had 4 weeks of wall to wall sunshine and the minute we get our tent out next to the van it’s lashing down.

Now we’re already really tired and hungry and that’s not the best time to start pitching camp at the best of times. The wind has picked up and the rain is bouncing off the ground. the tent is blowing in all directions. What was a very easy assemble is now a nightmare.

The awning connector for the tent doesn’t fit in my new fancy smancy awning rail…which means that we don’t have a dry connection from the van to the tent. The diesel heater has an error code (trying to work through that now…) we didn’t get to a supermarket and I was way to hangry to cook. AND I CANT EVEN HAVE A DRINK!!!!

So we did get takeaway from the campsite which we are very lucky as not many sites have a lovely restaurant on them…. Now we’ve eaten and I guess we are proper tired.

It’s really hard to be positive at times like this but it’s just weather, these are just minor issues, just sent to test our patience.


I made myself fake smile there and it feels so much nicer to smile than to be angry.

Don’t panic. Craig and I are still married. ♥️😆😘

Stay safe everyone ♥️🌧♥️

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