Day 522 dog walk, cleaning, lunch with Auntie Jac and more cleaning!!! 🧹🧽🧼🧺

Jeez I’m tired today…. I woke at 6 and was annoyed I hadn’t gone to the Fit Body Farm as I was wide awake despite being so tired. I got up and was out with the dogs just after 7am.

It’s a bit of a misty morning…. Almost a bit damp in the air.

The girls had fun in the burn
And a huge run about the fields
Saw this guy! 🐮

My anxiety was all over the place…. I was overthinking so many things this morning and making myself feel awful. The chatter was rambling on in my head about how I’m the dog behaviourists wife that can’t control her dogs… blah blah…. Real negative self chatter.

I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey’s podcast on Eckhart’s book a New Earth 🌍 and he says to focus on the now. The chatter comes from the past which I cannot change and the future which I cannot predict. All we have is the now.

I realised that the negative talk was running away and stopped to look at a wildflower. Right… let’s be clear here, I know you might think I’m nuttier than a fruitcake but it really worked. Concentration on the flower stopped the ramblings…

He says to “be with the negative emotion”… to “sit with it” …. I stood with it instead and tried to understand where it was coming from.

In truth I think I’m just tired. I have a lot to do today but I’m tired. And that is ok.

Home, coffee, cheese on toast and a list written and I feel better.

Think about this one. I thought it was really powerful

So the morning cleaning the bedroom and sorting through camping stuff until Auntie Jac arrived about 11.30! We went to Mocha Hal’s for lunch…. And ate too much!

Tried to get another selfie with Auntie Jac taking it but she launched my phone up into the air and onto the floor so we just stuck with this pic 🙈🤣

Had a lovely wee catch up. Been too long! ♥️

Back to the cleaning after she left. Hoovered the stairs, the dogs room and the upstairs bedroom and the did Gateside Memorial Hall accounts.

It’s 16.45 and and I shattered now so a wee Nana nap until Craig gets home I think!

I got a whole hour!!!! Bliss.

I’ve actually put the heating on tonight which is not the best idea given that we are sleeping outside for the next 10-14 nights….. should be acclimatising not turning the heat up.

Craigs home, the vans packed and we are the most organised we have been in ages…. I think it’s because I had Shelagh work her wonders in Kinesiology this week….. stress?! Camping?!? moi?!? Not any more…. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣♥️

Last nights sleep in our own bed.

Please pray for some sunshine…. 🌅☀️😎

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

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