Day 521 holidays are coming’ (summer not 🎄 look 👀 like the Diet Coke advert!) 👙😎🩴

Maybe the adrenaline stopped pumping a wee bit today. Last day at work until 20th September and I was a bit antsy all day trying to get finished up and just constantly finding more to do.

Of course it was all in my head as I could have had the day off today. I’ve done quite a few extra hours and when I’m told I can take it back as a day or be paid I hear myself saying “well I’m really busy up until the holidays so I’ll try to finish up earlier but I need to make sure that I get everything done”.

As I hear that back in my head it’s almost with a posh voice.

What I actually think to myself is very different to what I say… “I’ll take Thursday off then and finish up a day earlier”. Then I get annoyed that no-one knew that and I feel like I have to be in….

I think I should give all the hours because I’m grateful for the job. It’s a trigger from the olden days where I’d never have been offered the time back because it was expected. Also justifying my position as I’m waaaaaaaaay too busy to consider an extra day off….. 😬

What a riot eh?!? So I had to go in to do a handover. The day drew out and I thought I’d go at lunch, then set 2pm and finally left at 2.53pm after hours of moaning that I just needed to get away.

For the men reading this have pity on your other halves as honestly we got the overthinking raw deal. Big time.

So…. I’m on holiday now. Out of office is on and the phone is switched off. Check me.

I did get a Fiamma awning fitted to the van today.

Love it!

Should say that I managed to squeeze a kinesiology session yesterday before I go on holiday. I was perfectly balanced when I went in which I’m always really chuffed with….

Shelagh worked her magic as usual . We did work on anger and irritability. I’m looking forward to not screaming at Craig when I can’t find something when we’re away. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So back to today and I got home from work and took Calaidh for a walk and talked to the kennels we are using next week. It’s a beautiful afternoon and actually quite hot.

Back home….. still on the phone to the kennels and took Bhru and Freya for a walk….. it was a long call but we filled in all the paperwork that was needed…. As I walked!

One wee thistle left
The girls having fun

For the locals…. the field on the left next to “Margaret’s field” has now been ploughed….. I’ve never seen that ploughed. Countryside changes… how will we get to the golf course now?!? 😱

I’m still loving this berry bush and don’t remember ever seeing it before this year

Then Claire asked me if I’d like to go for dinner which was so nice of her. We had spaghetti bolognese (Claire’s speciality… with pasta Craig, before you ask…🤣) and garlic bread. It was so tasty and we sat out in the sun to enjoy it.

I was back in for 6.30 and decided to use the evening to break the back of the housework. What a great idea rather than leaving it till the morning. It feels like a huge achievement. It’s been bothering me as the house had got pretty bad. I had to empty the hoover 4 times.

I should say here I have the Shark for animals. Don’t waste your money if you are considering it. It’s obviously made for people who are hoovering up after 3 hamsters 🐹 🐹🐹 worth considering if you only have 3 hamsters mind you.

I still have 3 rooms to do but that’s way better than them all!

I’m sitting out here now. Apparently the sunset was mega tonight. I missed it but I’m enjoying the twilight.

It’s pretty cool in the evenings now… have to take warm stuff for holiday! Packing commences tomorrow!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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