Day 515 a super busy day with kennel visits 🦮🐩🐕‍🦺🐕and a job fair! 🚐

Wow…. Today has passed in a blur! I’ve not stopped. No breakfast other than coffee, my lunch only cake…. at 5.30pm!

Slept like a log last night until 7.20am…. Must have been all that angry energy that tired me out yesterday. Positively amazing long lie.

We had an appointment at a kennels in Lochwinnoch at 10am. We are looking to put Bhruic and Freya into kennels for the 2nd week of our holiday and just take Calaidh with us.

The lady who runs it was lovely. I already knew that as we’d spoken for ages before I went up!! They have Border Collies and Poodles and a litter of each at the moment if anyone’s interested. I did not take photos….. I know… epic fail. 🤷🏻‍♀️

By the time we left there I was running so late as I had to get down to Tartan HQ by 11am and actually didn’t get there until 11.36….. I then had to clean the inside and wash the outside as we were taking Abbie the camper van to a job fair this afternoon in Ayr.

This is how we rolled this afternoon. 😂 here’s Stuart showing off our stand. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I parked in the wrong place…. Directed in by someone…. Someone else comes along with a tap on the window…. “Ye cannae park here….. anywhere else but no here”….. now to be fair to him I was parked in the EMERGENCY VEHICLES ACCESS….. well I didn’t know that….. 🥴🤷🏻‍♀️😂 why did the first guy put me there?!?

We’re looking to take on a couple of kickstarters to help out with our upholstery and conversion departments. We have two great kids at the moment but they can only stay with us for 6 months. The Kickstarter programme is funded by Universal Credit.

So…… while I had a lovely afternoon and actually did get a shortcake biscuit and 2 custard creams….. it did not quite meet with our expectations. 🥴

I should say that my personal observations (and in no way those of Tartan Campers) was that there were more Universal Credit or Job Centre staff along with companies….. than there were kids looking for work.

We spoke to ONE person. That’s not fair…. We spoke to a lot of folk (staff!) so it was actually a great chance to advertise our conversion and rental business but we spoke to two actual people about a job… of them was actually training to be a pilot but was told he had to go to the job fair. How ridiculous eh?!

Seems a bit of a waste of Government resources and a tick box exercise to let everyone see that we are tying to encourage people into work.

To be fair the programme is great as Stuart found a great first two… but the replacements did not appear today.

I got to show off my van.

That was pretty cool.

And those biscuits were great too.

Oh and Abbie is clean!!

So I’m out in the sun now. It’s a lovely evening again.

The sun is right behind that branch just now. I’d love to go to the coast for sunset but I’m too tired and up early tomorrow.

Today’s been a good day. Even while I was rushing today I was calm.

Takeaway for dinner tonight. And a Freixenet 0% fizz.

I picked up my glass to take a sunset selfie and there’s a wasp floating in it!!!!!!

It’s doing the backstroke!!!

Stay safe everyone 🐝🥂🐝

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