Day 511 just another manic Monday…. 🎶🎶🎶

Yeah I definitely wished it was Sunday….. maybe I just don’t do Mondays anymore?!?!

I didn’t go to the Fit Body Farm as I was still really dizzy last night when I went to bed. The dizziness has been much better than yesterday but today brought the squeam…. I love that word 🤷🏻‍♀️😆 I’ve just felt so squeamish on and off all day. I work with a girl who’s pregnant so I told her I’d borrowed her morning sickness today.

Don’t panic though I have managed to work all day and to eat a small breakfast and lunch so I won’t pass out with lack of food. Chance would be a fine thing. 🥴

We had lots of customers in today so I’ve spent a large amount of time “entertaining…” and it would appear in my reduced capacity that I struggled with small talk. 😆

So it was a super busy day at work. So lovely to see the sun coming out again though and it turned super hot later on. our portacabin was melting!

It was 38.3C in Abbie the camper van when I left work. I rolled both windows right down and had the best breeze flowing through.

Now how interesting is this and something very well worth thinking about. When we struggle with things in life we need to remember who we came from. These people all had their own struggles to live through and all of that gets passed down to us.

Craigie made me a lovely dinner tonight and handed me a glass of Nozeco.

Red pesto pasta with komatoes and bacon

Was amazing and a perfect end to a tiring day. I have my feet up being very lazy but i hope it will give me a bit more ooomph for tomorrow!!

Stay safe everyone 💙💜💙

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