Day 507 ROADTRIP!! To Blairgowrie, camping in a fenced off dog pitch! 🐶🐶🐶

We are on holiday tonight and tomorrow!! It’s not been the easiest of days and there’s been a whole lot of stress and tension floating around but we are here now. The pitch is lovely. It’s very quiet and there is only one other van and one tiny tent on our campsite. Our idea of heaven. Why?!? Because we have a fenced off pitch and the puppers are off their leads!!!

And relax……

I had THE most amazing sleep last night. Probably because I had about 5 hours the night before to be fair.

My alarm went off at 6.30am. Of course it did…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 we got up at 8am and had coffee. Went then spent the next few hours getting ready to go away. We brought a lot of stuff with us this time as we are trying out Craig’s new kit so we had to figure how best to pack everything and give the dogs space. And then the fridge in the van wasn’t working. I can hear my moany voice now…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

I phoned work and they said to drive past on the way and they could look at it so we had to pack as best we could to give them access to the leisure battery etc.

Anyway, we set off about 11.30 and then the fuel light came on… of course it did so we had to stop for fuel. By this time we’re both hangry!

I was having a negative change in emotional state 😆🤣

Into Tartan HQ and they all got to meet the pups! We’d blown a fuse (😆 not that surprising!) so got that replaced and we’re on our way by about 1ish.

Salubrious Burger King 🍔 for lunch as we were so hungry we couldn’t think straight. I had a halloumi burger which was actually really tasty. Then normal service was resumed!!

From Kilmarnock to Glasgow, Stirling, Perth and then Blairgowrie for Tesco and then to GG & Belles Campsite.

Our pitch is fully fenced off so the dogs are loving the freedom. What a difference not having to worry about them.

We have Craig’s tent attached to the van.

It literally pulls up like this and clicks into place.

The sun came out and it was proper hot!

We got our shorts on….

Loving the set up!

There’s a mile long one way dog walk round the farm. The idea is obviously that you don’t meet anyone coming towards you. They’ve thought of everything for dogs that might not be happy meeting other dogs .

Back for some fire!!!!

So as you can see from the pics there is no view from your pitch but it’s the price you pay for more relaxed dogs.

The art of fire starting!

Dinner cooking on a open fire. The sunshine gone and it’s cooler but I’m still in shorts. Hey… we’re on holiday. 😆

Stay safe everyone 🐶⛺️🚐

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