Day 506 what a long day when you’re awake from 3.30am!! 🙄

Wide awake…. 3.30am. Not just a wee bit awake. Wide!

Got up at 5am for the Fit Body Farm and felt like I’d been up all day but the time I got there. It was a good strength workout today. it was drizzly at the start but it dries up pretty quickly which was good as we often get soaked on a Wednesday morning!

I felt really dizzy again this morning but just shut my eyes through some of the exercises and that made it much better! Can’t imagine how daft you look exercising with your eyes shut….but better that than not doing it at all. (On my read through I had said I shit my eyes…..🤭😁🙄)

I took my hairdryer to FBF today and actually dried my hair after my shower for the first time ever. Didn’t make a blind bit of difference to be fair but it felt different for a change. nice to make an effort.

I had a lovely customer in this morning and we got chatting about mental health in the workplace. He had a very similar experience to me years back and it was so interesting to hear his story. Very rewarding chat and just goes to show you have no idea how many people go through similar things.

I am amazed at how easily I meet like minded people and can really connect with them. I have never met the lovely lady who sent this next pic to me…. We connected on FB over a walking page and her posts were so informative and interesting (with stunning pics!) that I took a shine to her straight away 🥰

I really need to accept this just now and realise that Rome wasn’t built in a day. My journey is taking time and that’s all there is to it. I can’t rush it and just have to take each day at a time and appreciate living in the present moment. The past is gone and the future is mine to enjoy.

Awfy busy day today and didn’t get away until 5pm. I got really grouchy trying to get things finished and get away…. then remembered how long I’d been awake. Fair enough 😁 grouchy is acceptable… 🤣

Mum and dad had a wee day out yesterday that I thought I’d share in the blog as I loved mums photos.

They went on The Big Hare Trail in North Berwick…. Now….mums maiden name is Hair and my Grandpa was brought up in Direlton near North Berwick so they couldn’t miss out on this!!

Leuchie House celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and has brought something BIG to East Lothian…

The Big Hare Trail is a spectacular public art event that sees, in partnership with Wild in Art, a drove of 10 giant Hares hopping their way across North Berwick from Saturday, 10th July for 10 weeks in 2021. Hare sculptures, each one individually designed by an artist and sponsored by a business, form a free, fun, family-friendly trail of discovery for local people to explore and enjoy!

My two faves
Spot the mum!!

What a lovely thing to hunt for! Especially when you’re a Hair from that area! They had a lovely day while we had a cloudy day at Tartan HQ….. booooo!

That’s me! The cha-cha-cha-girl! it’s been a good day.

I’m off to meet the Hookers tonight so better look out my crochet as not touched it in weed. Have a blanket to make for mum and I really better get on with it!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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