Day 502 the day mum got a Bhruic awakening 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆😂

Poor mum…… being wakened by an excited Bhruic is an experience and a half…. a baptism of fire…. Actually of lots of wet slobbery licks and being jumped all over!!! She is super exuberant in the morning. 😆

The dogs were a bit restless last night. It was windy out and I don’t know if they were barking at random noises or they were excited to have a visitor. To be fair I think it was more Bhru than the other two. I got up at 7 and let them out with the plan of bringing them back into our room.

I nipped to the loo as they were outside and Bhru hammers up the stairs and through mums door to make sure she wasn’t missing out on any fun. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣😆

Think we were all awake after that!

I tried to go back to bed but it didn’t really work. I got up soon after and watched the 3 of them bound around in the garden with an energy I certainly didn’t feel myself.

When mum came down we decided to head to Gro-Coffee in Irvine for breakfast.

It’s threatening rain
Chai Latte for mum and coconut milk latte for me
Avocado 🥑 eggs for me and Eggs Benedict with Halloumi for mum
Check out the cakes!!!
Out of this world!!

Mum got Craig a huge strawberry tart and Dad a battenburg slice. We managed to step away from the cake…. We were stuffed!!!

I’d been messaging my blog friend The Windsor Waffle and since we’d both had a Fat Friday we agreed today should be Slim Saturday. I think that could be a thing?!?! It probably doesn’t involve a Gro Coffee brunch mind you!

We went to M&S Food Hall and then into Irvine’s Rivergate Shopping Centre. There’s not a lot to see there but we had a wander and I got my eyebrows threaded.

I said to the girl with a giggle that it had been ages… and before I even finished she was saying “oh yes well I can see that…..”

Aye awright then. 🙄🤔😬

By this time I was feeling really squeamish. The shops were really hot and I was roasting. I always feel like that with a mask on and hate to feel that way when there are people that have to wear one all day for work. I don’t want to complain. We were gonna take a drive out to the beach but we ended up just heading home.

We had a lovely time!!

When mum left I took the dogs out for a walk and I feel better now but think I need a nana nap this afternoon.

This is day two of no meds and I am super proud that I’m finally going it alone. I guess I am nervous and I’m just over-analysing everything…. Worried that I won’t cope.

Setraline numbs everything. It stopped suicidal thoughts in their tracks in early 2020…. But it robs you of excitement too. Everything is just meh……. On my highest dose I could barely put one foot in front of the other to walk the dogs. It was awful… but I needed it to mellow the depression. As I got better and came down the doses I guess I have been aware of my anxiety being way more active but I can honestly say the depression has gone.

Wow. Maybe the first time I’ve actually acknowledged that.

Forgot to show you the wee wooden plaque that mum brought for me!!!

I love it!!!! It hangs on a rustic string.

We’ll be having a lazy rest of day I reckon!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 502 the day mum got a Bhruic awakening 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆😂

  1. I love your new plaque. Honestly Saturday is entirely unsuitable to be a Slim day, forget I said that! Off to a pub tonight that serves enormous portions of delicious food. We haven’t been there since before Covid times. There will be no slimming tonight! 😂😂X

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