Day 499 of the blog and 950 days alcohol free since 1st Jan 2019… “who’d a thunk it?” as my Gran would say? 💜

I still think I must be talking about someone else. I could never have imagined living a life without a glass of wine whenever I wanted it.

I would scoff at non drinkers…. There must be something wrong with them, there must be a thing…. No one just doesn’t drink. Weirdo.

Check me. One of my self proclaimed weirdos!!

It’s taken me a long time to stop yearning for something that I have given up. To stop dreading the weekend as there was nothing to look forward without it.

I have learned to live without it. I can now look forward to social occasions and not feel like the odd one out. I have no desire to drink and quite honestly it all stinks!! (Yeah I know….. 👽)

There’s a huge range of alcohol free drink out there now and that always feels like a treat. I know that to drinkers it’s technically just “juice”…. But it is a treat.

I don’t lose my whole weekend anymore.

I’m living a life where I have to face my fears and issues head on without that ….. aaaahhh a drink will fix it. The drink never fixed anything. It just drowned it all.

No more. 951 days. I think it’s officially a habit.

Fit Body Farm was great this morning but I could barely walk. My muscles are soooo sore!

It was a red sky in the morning

And boy did it rain later on. Torrential from mid morning all afternoon. I got soaked when I was out with customers showing them round rental vans!

It’s been a frustrating week with lots of things not going our way.

I guess I’ve been a bit stressed out by things though nothing on the grand scheme of things. I’m aware of the word “stress” following me about a bit and I hoped that I had lost that label. It would appear not.

This next one is hard because I feel like I am responsible for what people think of me as I must project that.

I’m tired today so taking the night off crochet. Got into my jammies at 4.30 and I’ve had dinner which was a pasta bolognese, made by Claire! It was lovely!

I’m so lucky that I could message and just tell them I need a bit of rest and they totally understand.

I’ll finish this and then get into bed and read my book. Craig won’t be in until late.

It’s all good there’s just been a lot of noise this week.

Feet up and relax.

Stay safe everyone 🌸🌸🌸

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