Day 495 housework, dogs walks and PADDLE BOARDING!!! 🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️🌊🌦

Had a very good sleep last night. I made fillet steak, potatoes and cauliflower for dinner last night and dozed on and off all evening after my Forrest Gump running/walking day yesterday.

We’ve been watching Jeremy Clarkson’s The Farm on Amazon and I really enjoyed it. Our mate Warren recommended it last weekend and we’ve finished it already! 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

I had proper giggles through it but at the same time found it really interesting and didn’t have a clue about half the stuff that farmers have to think about.

So yeah a good sleep and woke at 6.30am with my mind whirring round like a whirry thing. I was lying counting how many years we’d been married…. Wondering what our next anniversary was, wondering what we’d be doing next week at work, should I have ordered this, should I have done that. None of it worrying, just thinking. Did a wee quick meditation (just picked one off YouTube) and it cleared my head.

Up about 8am and made Craig’s breakfast before he went to work… check me. (I also made sandwiches to take our with us… another revelation 😆)

Then set about cleaning the house… washing on… dishwasher on…. Hoovered… cleaned…. All done.

Always with 3 dogs 🤦🏻‍♀️

Then it was dog walking time and I LEFT MY PHONE AT HOME…… 😳🤯

There are no pictures.

I took all three out but Calaidh was pulling really badly so I walked back and left her in the house and took Bhruic and Freya.

Came back and dropped them off and took Calaidh out. She was obviously a bit too hot today. It’s super muggy and we have thunderstorms forecast. She kept lying down in long grass at the side of the road to wait for me!

Look at Bhru’s wee tongue sticking out as she sleeps! They are knackered.

I love silence. I crave silence. If I’m in the house on my own when Craigs out I don’t have the tv on… no music…. Just peace and quiet to sit and reflect.

I’ve managed my FB feed over the last few years, to only show me positive quotes and see things from people that don’t take my peace away. I know that sounds corny but when you find that place it’s an amazing place to be.

So this afternoon we went paddle boarding with the Fit Body Farm and what a laugh we had! We went to Booker Pond in Irvine.

It was torrential rain on the way down. It was so bad I had to slow right down and got covered by wash from a passing car at one point which totally blinded us.

Craig took this while I was driving

When we got there the rain stopped.

Here we are getting our pre-paddle boarding chat
I’m not in this one… I realised the lights were left on in the van and had to get the key to turn them off!
I’m back! I thought the buoyancy aid would hide the wetsuit look but not so much…..

By this time it’s pouring again.

Queuing to get on the beach…. Am I just overwhelmed in this photo?!?! 🤷🏻‍♀️😆
Dunking to get wet first. Love this one as Craigs head has just gone under water and all you see is hair!!
Craig and Team Daisy… for Kim’s Daisy wetsuit!
And we’re off! I needed my valve secured so I didn’t fly off up the pond driven by a leaking air valve!

We did a lot of work up the other end of the pond but finally got back down for a photo opp….

This is only pic of me actually up on my feet! far left with Craigie behind me!

Just getting into position for the team photo when this happened…

Now you see her…. now you don’t!

Yip I fell off. Not to be outdone I still posed…

Craig did really well and was on his feet for most of the time. I didn’t mind falling in but honestly….. it was like rescuing a beached whale trying to get me up on that board while in deep water.

God love the folk who helped me. It was truly knackering…. First of all there are boobs and then a great big ruddy flotation vest. I could barely reach the other side of the board let alone pull myself up! I just need more practise… and maybe lose weight?!? 🤔 so I spent a bit more time on my knees as it’s easier to balance.

That was all pretty much out of my comfort zone but I loved it. All those years spent as kids, rowing with my dad… you never lose that ability to row. Fit Body Farm has improved my rowing strength too.

Assembling for full group photo…. Us Avery’s are sitting at the front
Yay team photo! 4th and 5th from the left

I said to Craig on the way home that we spend our lives saying things will be great when I have x, y or z…. I love just appreciating everything in the present and being truly grateful for every day just now.

I’ve had the best day.

Stay safe everyone 🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️🥰

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